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How To Recycle Essay

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Solutions for Recycling RatesDuring this 21st century, many people have relaxed the importance of keeping the environment healthy and clean. To some extent, people have heard spiels about "going green." Over the years, there has been a rise of eco-friendly initiatives that showcase going green. Recycling is probably the most well-known initiative relating to environmental solutions. Recycling, in a broad term, means to create new items from old ones. For example, a person may recycle old paper; then recycling companies remanufacture it for second uses. Although recycling rates have increased, overall, since the 1970's, they have been flat-lined for nearly a decade. Recycling has, in America, landed sustainability, but the success varies. Even though people have a petite idea of the issues relating to recycling, the mass majority don't seem to have a hint of inclination to recycle. However, there are various solutions to this everyday problem. Demanding laws will make people recycle more. Raising the issue from its original status will bolster the idea providing people with better awareness. Better and more efficient ways of recycling enable people ways to recycle that are more convenient for them. Recycling can increase in our country if these solutions are carried out to full extent. Under the utmost confidence, these solutions can not only increase recycling but also sustain our deprived environment.Laws have made society the way it is: functional and efficient. If new recycling laws are implemented into every city in the United States, the recycling rates in America will increase tenfold. Many cities in America have already adopted mandatory bag recycling laws. There have been known successes in cities such as San Francisco, CA and Washington, D.C. These laws prohibit recyclables from being disposed both intentionally and unintentionally into residential and business garbage. Basic recyclables (paper, cardboard, aluminum) must be recycled or penalties will be enacted by law. Some of the penalties include warnings, high fines, and simply the denied collection of garbage. Even though some of these laws seem easy enough to follow without them being official, people have now no choice but to recycle at least their basic recyclables or they will incur fees. Laws are what built this country; laws are now going to help this country recycle more.You have probably heard it over and over again by teachers or by environmental specialists to "go green" and save the environment. Surely you have at least some knowledge that recycling is an important initiative that helps the environment. Though the awareness to recycle has been...

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