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Scrambling eggs is easy and it is a tasty snack or meal. They are a good source of protein, making them even easier to eat. Many people have been eating eggs their whole lives and eat them regularly. Eggs are mainly associated with breakfast, but they are used for many other purposes as well. They are in cake mix and cookie dough, just to name a couple. Eggs can be cooked sunny side up, sunny side down, scrambled, or used in an omelet. A very popular method is scrambling them. This is a very easy process and can be done by following a few easy steps. First, the amount of eggs to be consumed must be determined. After this is done supplies need to be gathered. All that is needed to scramble eggs is a frying pan, butter, non-stick spray, salt, pepper, a spatula, a spoon, a bowl, a stove, milk, and of course the eggs. The butter, salt, pepper, and milk are all optional because all these ingredients do is add flavor. After all the ingredients and materials are obtained the process is ready to be started. The first step is to set the frying pan on one of the burners of the stove top. Turn the heat on that same burner up halfway between medium and high. All stoves are different so the heat may vary slightly. After the pan is on the heated stove the next step is to grease the pan. Butter or non-stick cooking spray can be used for this. Anywhere from one half to one whole tablespoon of the butter can be used. Let the butter melt in the pan an make sure it is covering the whole bottom of the pan. If non-stick cooking spray is used, just coat the bottom of the pan with a thing layer. Then the eggs must be cracked and put into the bowl. A medium sized bowl will do just fine. Take on egg at a time and tap it lightly on the edge of the bowl. The best place to tap the egg is right in the middle. Make sure that the tap is very light. It should be just hard enough to leave a slight crack in the middle of the...

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