How To Set Up And Execute A Corner Kick.

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How To Set Up and Execute a Corner KickIntroductionIn soccer, when the team that you are playing kicks the soccer ball out over their own goal line, your team is awarded a corner kick by the referee. Knowing how to set up and execute a successful corner kick can put your team in a position to possibly take the lead in the game.These instructions will help you understand where a corner kick is set up and what steps you can take in order to give your team a better chance to take advantage of the direct free kick that your team has been awarded.Any soccer player on the field can kick the corner kick. To be able to do so successfully, the kicker must have a general comprehension of the layout of a soccer field (Figure 1) and be able to kick the soccer ball with enough force so that it can reach the area directly in front of the goal.After a ball is kicked over the goal line by the defending team, the referee blows his whistle and motions that a corner kick will be kicked by the attacking team. You must then set the ball somewhere within the corner arc at the flag nearest where the ball went out of bounds. Once you kick the ball, your team will attempt to get the ball over the goal line and into the goal for a score while the defending team attempts to clear the ball out of their end of the field.You will not need any additional equipment to kick the corner kick. You should already be wearing the equipment required by the rules of the game including your team's uniform, your shin guards, and your cleats. Other than the equipment that you are wearing, you will need to have the game ball to make the kick.Terms that a beginner soccer player may not recognize and that appear in these instructions are defined here:Corner arc: a quarter-circle with a radius of one yard located at each of the four corners of the field; on a corner kick, the ball must be kicked from inside this arc.Corner flag: the flag located at each of the four corners of the field, inside the corner area.Direct kick: a kick awarded to a player during which the player kicks a stationary ball with no opposing players within ten yards of him; a goal can be scored directly from this kick without the ball touching another player.Goal box: the area directly surrounding the goal; a rectangular area twenty yards wide by six yards deep.Goal line: the field boundary running along its width at each end; runs right across the front of the goal.Header: the striking of the ball in the air by a player's head.Indirect kick: a kick awarded to a player for a less-serious foul committed by the opposition; the player kicks a stationary ball without any opposing players within ten yards of him; a goal can only be scored on this kick after the ball has touched another player.Figure 1 The Layout of a Soccer Field (SoccerHelp: attention to the NOTES that accompany several of the required steps. Also, pay close attention to the WARNING that accompanies the...

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