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"How To Survive The First Eight Weeks Of College"

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How To Survive The First EightWeeks of CollegePeople have to realize that college is a transitional period from adolescence into adulthood. There is even a greater change when attending school away from home. students need to adjust to living on campus with total strangers, sharing a bathroom with twenty people, and eating cafeteria food. The first two months; eight weeks, 60 days; 1440 hours; 86,400 seconds are the toughest of all. The first two months will either make you or break you. The only way to succeed during this time is to survive.The first thing you need to let people know that you won°Øt take anything from anyone. If people know they can step all over you, or take advantage of you, then you are not going to get anywhere. The second thing a person has to do is be prepared for change. Everyone is going to see things that they never saw before and may think it is weird, or stupid, but that is what other people may feel is right.College is about exploration. There are endless things that can be explored, and will not be seen even after four years, and graduation. You will explore yourself, learning things you never thought existed, trying to figure out yourself and your surroundings. College is all about survival of the fittest. You have to survive as an adult, not a child. There is no one there to tell you, °?You can°Øt do this, you can°Øt do that.°±There are endless things a college student needs to remember to do, or they won°Øt survive. A college student needs to do laundry on a regular basis, or it will just continue to pile up as you may see if you travel into my room. A college student also needs to keep their room (or their part of the room) clean, or neat. If not, there is no telling what smells are going to start emerging.There are two things that you must do in order to survive as a college student. You need to wake up on time to get to class, and do your work. Not doing these two things, you will not make it.There are lots of things a person has to do when they first move into a hall. The number one essential necessity is to get an critical amount of sleep! Without sleep, a person cannot function properly. Knowing when to sleep requires an adjustment; because quiet hours do not really exist there will always be some sort of noise whether it is outside or in the hall.College students need to remember to eat. An important way would be by taking food from the cafeteria. (Technically, it°Øs not stealing because it has all been paid for a year in advance.) When throwing out your garbage, do not put it in the trash in the bathroom. Throw out your trash...

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