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CHow to Uncover Employee PotentialThe article "How to Uncover Employee Potential", acquired from (The Daily Resource for Entrepreneurs), discusses Jamie Walters' opinions upon performance management and their relevance in today's workplace. From a personal point of view, I am able to relate with many of these beliefs positively and negatively.The article begins by highlighting the verity that management's success is dependent upon the success of their employees. Conversely, it is the responsibility of management to harvest the potential of his/her employees. This brings the subject to a "catch-twenty-two" scenario. If the employee fails on his/her own, is it management's fault? If management fails to develop the employee, but the employee flourishes on his/her own, is it management's success?These are questions that plague us all. I'm sure many have either seen or experienced the afore mentioned scenarios; maybe with a different outcome at different intervals and maybe resulting in the resignation or termination of employees. As discussed in class, this article also pinpoints the suggestion that "employees often leave a company not because of dissatisfaction with the company or work itself, but because of poor relationships with a manager and/or unpleasant interpersonal issues" (Walters, 2005).How, then, are managers suppose to approach these unique situations in order to prevent negative consequences? The article suggests that managers unearth and nurture their employees' strengths; a preventative and developmental process.Make Time for Positive Recognition. Most employees appreciate a pat on the back every once-in-a-while rather than a hasty scolding, especially when they know and feel they have done well (Stockley, 2005). It is important to seize these opportunities and reward success, just as it is essential to reward good behavior with a household pet.Everyone responds to stimuli differently, so it is important to explore the various options available and utilize the best form of recognition for each employee and unique situation. Some respond to a simple "thank you" remark in passing, while others demand a more in-depth approach (i.e. positive performance review or public recognition).It is also important to be specific upon the reasoning for the positive recognition. As with the household pet theory, a general appreciation does not explain the exact reason for the praise. As a manager, one cannot assume the employee understands the motive behind the commendation (Walters, 2005). Jamie Walters is credited in stating, "The benefit is two-fold: The employee knows what behaviors are most valued, and you help shift your thinking from 'can't do' to 'there's potential' here."Identify ways to apply existing strengths in new ways. Simply because someone is employed to perform the tasks of a particular position does not mean that those job functions are all he/she is capable of performing. "A receptionist with an unerring...

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