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How To Wash Your Dog Essay

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How to Wash Your Dog
Bathing your dog is sometimes hard especially if you have a big dog that doesn’t like water. Generally it is sufficient to wash your dog is once a week. If you wash it to often your dog will start to lose hair. If you want to wash your dog in a bowl, bathtub, or special container you will need to let the dog go in it self otherwise, if you just pick it up and drop it in it may get a shock which might twist your dog’s stomach which will cause vomiting. If your dog doesn’t like water the best way to put it in is by using a gentle, soothing voice and calm manner. Washing your dog in the sink is not good because it will clog up your sink. Make sure you dress for the showering by wearing clothes that can get soaked and dirty or a bathing suit. Dog bathing can get sloppy.

1. The first step in washing your dog is to rinse it through thoroughly. If you have a curly haired dog, you must comb its hair first. However, if your dog is really scared of the tub then it will be easier to brush its hair in another room. This part is important you will need to gently put cotton balls in your dog’s ears to protect them from getting wet. Place the dog in the tub on a rubber mat so that he or she doesn't slide. If you’re living in a cold country, you will need to test and adjust the water to make sure it is not to cold or your dog might get a cold.Then wet the dog from head to tail. This is where the hose and spray prove useful, but a water container of some sort can do the job too, especially if you're scooping water that is already in the tub. Try not to get your dogs face wet, if you do this will make your dog not like showering even more. Some dogs are very sensitive on their face and getting it wet may freak out your dog .If needed you can clean your dogs face with a wet cloth.
2: The second step is to lather your dog .Once your dog is wet you will need to apply shampoo all over its body. Wash short-haired dogs with a vigorous circular motion to pull out the dirt....

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