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How Were The Pyramids Built? By Esther Wolf

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Alongside the Taj Mahal and Stonehenge, The Pyramids of Giza are some of the only remaining wonders of the ancient world. This being said, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt attract a lot of attention not only from tourists but also from archeologists, historians and engineers. They pose many questions that remain unanswered. Recently, there have been discoveries made by archeologist Zahi Hawass that lead to new understanding of who built them; yet, there is no concrete proof to explain how they were built. It is thought that materials for the pyramids were transported on rafts down the Nile, as well as by sled or by rolling logs beneath them. The Pyramids of Giza in particular were constructed out of both local and imported blocks of limestone, however, the means by which the limestone climbed more than 480 feet in the air has been debated ever since 450 BC. The world has given credit to the hot Egyptian sun, over the past 4560 years, for crumbling and deteriorating the evidence of how the Pyramids were built. Fortunately, various theories have been presented to try and explain how these magnificent monuments were constructed. Each hypothesis was modeled off the use of a ramp, although some had more flaws than others. The first theory was based on a straight external ramp, but mathematically, it seemed very impractical. Then, later theories followed and involved spiralling external staircases; however, they would have made constructing the corners of the pyramid virtually impossible. Finally, the most recent theory involved the use of an internal spiralling staircase that was discovered through the use of 3D imaging technology and seemed to be modeled after the classic step-based pyramid. Although the first two theories would have potentially worked, the idea that it was made from the inside-out not only has the most evidence in support of it, but it also seems the most practical.
In around 60 B.C. a Greek Historian by the name of Diodorus Siculus traveled to Egypt and analyzed the 481 foot tall Pyramid of Giza. He hypothesized that it was built using mounds made of stone. This theory set the standard for many of the speculations involving the construction of the pyramids. These mounds or ramps reoccur in various theories and are rational methods by which the Egyptians could have transported large, heavy stone blocks to such great heights. One of the first and most well known theories was that a single, straight ramp on one side of the pyramid was used to carry blocks upward. As each level was built up, the ramp was built and raised higher in order to reach it. This external ramp theory seems to make perfect sense except it would have needed to be at least a quarter of a mile long to fit the dimensions of the maximum slope. If the slant of the slope was any higher than 28.8°, the steepness would have been impossible to climb. Consequently, if it did stretch a quarter of a mile long, the Giza plateau lacked the space for it and the materials needed...

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