How Women Were Treated During The Enlightment. A Very Opiniated Paper

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Even though women were treated plainly as housewives, there were some who were willing to oppose that matter by accomplishing many important tasks that got the attention of some men during the enlightenment, most men having anger displayed at them and a few accepting them as their equivalent.Gottfried Kirch, a male German astronomer, stated that his wife Maria Winkelmann, spotted a comet while he was sleeping, therefore making a point that he wasn't aware of what she did, thus disobeying what her true purpose was, a housewife rather than looking for comets. This shows how many men did not show any respect for the accomplishments of women. This document goes with no other.Gottfried Leibniz, a male German mathematician and philosopher, stated that women are more capable of "contemplating the good and the beautiful," therefore having trust on women, making them equivalent to any status of man in the same area. This shows how a small amount of men had showed respect toward women for their accomplishments. This document goes with no other.An interesting statement made by Johann Theodor Jablonski, a male secretary to the Berlin Academy of Sciences, stated that Maria Winkelmann ridiculed the Academy by preparing its calender, therefore he meant that this was no job for a woman, but a job for a man. This shows how small minded men at the time thought of women, even though some of these women accomplish what most men were not capable of accomplishing at the time. This document goes with no other.Dorothea Erxleben, the first woman to be granted a German M.D., stated that she is not putting herself for attention and is not thinking of taking over the jobs of men, but many other women think that she went way over her head. Many women at the time did not support the thought of other woman working on a "man's world." Even though women were accomplishing many important tasks, many who were also women did not provide any support to them instead agreeing what men thought of them. There is a situation similar to that of the above document, when Marie Thiroux d' Arconville, a female French anatomical illustrator, stated that woman should not step over the line of a housewife, instead they should be thankful for what they had been given. This shows how women...

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