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Around 8 million tourists visited Hawaii in 2007 while a trifling 82 million visited France in the same year. Kole, a young boy of 17, found this information while trying to decide where to go for his senior trip. He longed to get out of the small, cold town of Rigby and travel someplace that was different and would spark his interest. The brilliant sun of the Hawaiian Islands was pulling his attention in and was bound not to let it go, but that was the mindset for anyone who lived in the cold weather; that is to obviously go somewhere warm. However, on the hand, Kole wanted to go somewhere overflowing with art and history; he wanted a place where he could feed his overwhelming desire to learn. France was just the place. Both places were as two magnets attracting him in opposite directions. It seemed impossible to choose, for both seemed to be pulling at the same intensity. Several points came up that would help him decide on which to choose: the climate, touring hotspots, expenses, and preparation needed. The information based on these key points would decide on which destination he would choose.
When people think of Hawaii, a bright sun and warm, sandy beaches usually come to mind. This is probably because Hawaii is located very near the equator, and the sun therefore, is usually very intense. In fact the average temperature is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. While the climate is usually very relaxing in Hawaii, it does get its occasional storms. The islands are prone to strong trade winds, and they do get the occasional storms. They do not get major hurricanes very often-the last one being in 1992. Much more common are small tropical storms that bring heavy swells and rainfall. Because of all this, flash floods occur quite often especially in the wet season (Hawaii Climate). France, on the other hand, has quite a different climate. Because of the fact that France is located much farther from the equator than Hawaii, the average temperature is relatively lower-45 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 73 degrees in the summer. Also, France does not get many coastal storms. In fact, they do not get many storms at all, but if they do it is usually just a rainstorm and nothing too major (Anne Depigny).
If the weather is not a deciding factor in choosing a place to visit, then the touring hotspots and landmarks are. While the tropical islands of Hawaii have fascinating scenery and incredible beaches, there are not a lot of famous landmarks. The most well known landmark is Pearl Harbor. Visitors come here to remember the battle that took place in the 2nd World War. Besides Pearl Harbor, there are mostly only local waterfalls and lighthouses that are main attractions in Hawaii (Landmarks). In contrast, France has several world famous landmarks and attractions. The first landmark is the Eiffel Tower which is one of the most recognizable structures in the world. Being the icon of France, the Eiffel Tower is one of the biggest touring...

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