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Tragedy is a part of everyone’s lives, no one is left out. Often it leads to one’s coming of age, where the tragedy left a person changed, often they’ve matured, but not by choice. We have all gone through tragedy, and have had our own coming of age moments. These moments are what help us as humans to mature and develop our own personalities, and we eventually learn to question life and we begin to rebel at young ages, sometimes to defy our parents, and other times to defy yourself. We rebel to find ourselves, to defy the norms of society.
In Persepolis, the author Marjane Satrapi who played the main character had to experience horrible tragedy at such a young age. The book starts off ...view middle of the document...

Her departure taught me not to rely on another person to deal with my problems, and I learned how to cope with my own problems by myself. In the end it made me very introverted and I found it hard to express my emotions. That experience forever changed me, I grew up, I learned how to handle things myself. It really sucked, but it was something that had to be done, and I just had to keep pushing forward like Marjane did.
Marjane becomes more and more independent throughout the story as she ages. She’s allowed to go out by herself, which does backfire. She was once stopped by two nuns for dressing ‘inappropriately’ and threatened to be taken away, something that here in America, would never happen. One of the most shocking and heart-wrenching moments is when Marjane and her family walk through the hospital in Iran, and she sees the real horrors of the war that she was previously sheltered from. She sees men and women with missing limbs from bombings, there were so many awful images that Marjane was forced to see that no young...

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