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Just listen is an amazingly realistic and relatable book. The main character is Annabelle Greene. Annabelle is literally the picture of perfection. She is a model, stars on multiple commercials, has a close family, is supposedly popular, and just looks like a girl who has it all. However, that is far from the truth.

The book starts off with Annabelle returning to school. This was not an exciting or happy time for Annabelle because it meant facing all of the people she hadn’t had to see since the night of the incident, after a long lonely summer. The main source of Annabelle’s ‘social life’ problems was Sophie. Sophie was the new girl four years before where the story takes place, but she was a cruel as they come, and easily became one of the most popular girls around, after becoming best friends with Annabelle. Because of Sophie, Annabelle ditched her not so popular best friend Clarke. Clarke and Annabelle had been best friends since they were little, but Clarke was not the popular, spontaneous girl that Sophie wanted to be friends with. So Sophie made Annabelle choose between her and Clarke; and Annabelle chose Sophie.

At the end of the school year, right before summer started, there was the big end of the school year party. Annabel showed up before Sophie, and she was walking around just talking to people, waiting for Sophie to get there. Sophie was dating Will. Will was the popular guy that all the girls liked, and Sophie was very protective of him; threatening any girl who even talked to him. Annabel was just having a good time, until she suddenly got pulled into a little room. She did not know what was going on, and struggled to get away but she was not strong enough. It was Sophie’s boyfriend, Will; and soon enough, Sophie walked in and absolutely freaked. Annabelle tried to explain, but it was too late. Sophie thought it was all Annabelle’s fault and from then on, made everyone else think that too. So that was that. Thanks to Sophie, Annabelle was no longer friends with her, or Clarke, and everyone else hated her.

That marked the first night of a very lonely summer, and returning to school was no better for Annabelle. She spent every lunch hour outside against the wall in the courtyard, eating lunch by herself. Annabelle chose to not tell anyone what happened that night at the party, including her family, because they were going through so much at that time too. Annabelle had two older sisters; Kirsten and Whitney. Kirsten was the oldest; very outgoing, loved to party, and had a very bubbly personality. Whitney was the middle child; the prettiest out of the three, but very quiet, moody, and kept to herself. All three of the Greene sisters modeled, and when Kirsten graduated, she moved to New York to go to university and to model. When Whitney graduated, she did the same thing and moved in with Kirsten. However, Kirsten was getting very worried about Whitney, because she was losing weight and not eating. The girl’s parents chose...

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