Just Living In A Material World

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What makes the American society American? Is it our big cities? Our adaptations to new technology? Our extravagant shopping opportunities? Is it the convenience of our society? The fast food opportunities? The drive-thrus? It is our emphasis on personal travel and transportation means? Or is it our desire for wealth and success? Many Americans focus on these aspects of our society to be happy in their lives. Americans strive to be the best and often little will stop them on their way. There is an emphasis on money, success, and owning the newest and most popular items. This want and desire for the best material goods can be described as materialism. Moreover, another damaging aspect of American society is the media portrayal of what is seen as “acceptable” for teens to practice. The media glorifies the idea of using one’s body for pleasure. It makes it seem as though it is okay and acceptable to participate in the very acts the church teaches are wrong. Moreover, when people try to back their faith and beliefs, they are shot down. Sometimes it is easier for teens to hide their faith, than profess it to others who will criticize them. Two main aspects that undermine our faith are materialism and the media.
Materialism is a plague sweeping the nation. People seem to value things more than they value people. They judge how successful they are by the type of house they have, the car they drive, the amount of money in their bank account, the clothes they are wearing, or the size of television they are watching the big game on. Simply put, many Americans base their happiness on material goods. Americans are given the idea that it is acceptable to buy, buy, and buy our way to happiness. As Matthew Carver of Horton Chapel Church of Christ suggests, “The clamor for possessions and one’s success therein is now the hallmark of achievement in our society. What constitutes the measure of the individual is no longer the content and disposition of the heart but the content and furnishings of the home.” In other words, Carver reaffirms the point that materialism is present within our society. Carver adds to his point, “When this mindset begins to characterize a nation as a whole, a departure from God is soon to transpire.” Essentially, Carver is suggesting that a materialistic country is removed from the faith. An emphasis on material possessions rather than the helping others with the good of the heart, takes people away from being with God. To combat materialism, one could spend less time with material goods. For example, spending less time on the internet, social media, and watching television, would force one to find other things to do, such as going outside to see the non-materialistic world of nature. One could spend less time shopping. When one walks into a store with a specific purpose, they are less likely to spend money and time shopping for other things. Avoiding materialism is one way to grow closer to God in a culture that tells people to buy...

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