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Just Married: Hyperbole And The Negro Race

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“My mom is going to kill me.” “I could eat horse.” “That’s worlds away.” Hyperboles can bring new light to feelings that are only experienced viscerally, such as that of fear, that of need, or that of a tunnel with no light at the other end. It is not to say that hyperboles are the most accurate representations of situations in which one finds himself, but rather it is to say that they are accuracies of the emotions befuddling his gut. In much the same manner, Vidor imparts a viscerality of the American Negro culture through his movie “Hallelujah!”. This essay will examine four responses to the film from the “Literary Digest”, in conjunction with an excerpt from the picture (The Baptism ...view middle of the document...

For example, in the scene we see two people being baptized, each flailing and seeming to be experiencing religious hallucinations of the joy at a fresh start. In creating this slight deviation on the actual ceremony, Vidor allows for the communication of more than just the manner by which the ceremony progresses. He allows for the communication of emotion, of fervor, and of happiness so exhilarant it masks a fear.
Keeping with discussing the separation of fact from fiction, if we look to the second critique we can see an alternative view from Allen’s in which the author (Rev. Byrd) claims that the baptism, though exaggerated, is not fictional, but simply displays the fervor of different sects of the race. Hence it can be said that the baptism’s exaggeration, is not necessarily a display of fiction, but rather one that points out a smaller group in the race to shed light on the strongest sentiments towards a common practice. From this we can see how this scene blurs the line between fact and fiction by way of blurring the identity of the party to which it is alluding. Therefore it becomes evident that the two evaluations are not in disagreement over the factual nature or accuracy of the scene, but rather they disagree on the matter of whether the scene calls upon the entirety of the negro race, or simply a more potently religious populous within it.
Continuing down this road, if we look to the sentiment that the varying levels of discourse with the film stem from the question of whether the film refers to the entirety of the Negro race, or rather a specific group therein. The third critique from Reverend Haines contends...

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