Just In Time. 4 Page Overview Of The Principles Of Just In Time Production Operations Management

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JIT (just-in-time)Many organizations throughout the world use JIT management principles in their everyday operations. It was first developed in Japan in the late 1950s by a former shop manager and later on vice president of Toyota. In its simplest form, JIT program is directed towards ensuring that the right quantities are produced or purchased at the right time, and that there is no waste. Waste is defined as anything that doesn't add value to the product or service. Producing one extra unit is as bad as being one unit short. Items are supplied only when needed, "just in time". JIT fits well under the specter of TQM, many of the ideas and techniques are similar, and JIT may even not work without TQM in operation. For JIT to work a number of elements must be combined: steady production, flexible resources, extremely high quality, no machine breakdowns, reliable suppliers, quick machine setups, and discipline to maintain that everything else is also functioning well. JIT cannot be defined in one sentence but there are two ways at which it is usually looked at.1. A series of operating concepts that allow systematic identification of operational problems.2. A series of technology-based tools for correcting problems following their identification.One outcome of using JIT is a program for improving overall productivity and reducing waste. This leads to cost-effective production or operation and delivery of only the required goods or services, in the correct quantity and at the right time and place. This is achieved with a minimal amount or resources: facilities, equipment, materials and people. Although JIT originated as an effort to eliminate waste it evolved into a system for the continuous improvement of all aspects of operations.Aim of JITThe aims of JIT are to produce and operate:1. meet exactly the requirements of the customer2. without waste3. immediately on demandAn organization that is going to meat these kinds of challenges must implement many changes in its operations strategy. There are many elements that must come together in order for JIT to function properly. The JIT production system, focused on eliminating waste, is composed of the following elements:1. Flexible resources 6. Quick setups2. Cellular layouts(Toyota example) 7. Uniform production levels3. Pull production system 8. Quality at the source4. Kanban production control 9. Total productive maintenance5. Small-lot production 10. Supplier networksFlexible resourcesThe concept of flexible resources, in the form of multifunctional workers and general-purpose machines, is one of the key elements JIT and one of the first ones to fall into place. The operation of different (multiple) machines requires additional training for workers and specific rotation schedules. With single workers operating multiple machines the machines themselves require adjustments e.g. installing automatic turnoff programs that will switch off machines after the work is done. General purpose machines, that can...

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2631 words - 11 pages Exploration of the Components of JIT. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 15 (5). 72-83.Swanson, C., Lankford, W. (1998). JIT Manufacturing. Business Process Management Journal, 4 (4). 333-341.Waters-Fuller, N. (1995). Just-in-time Purchasing and Supply: A Review of the Literature. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 15 (9). 220-236.White, R., Pearson, J. (1999, January). JIT Manufacturing: A Survey of Implementations in Small and Large U.S. Manufacturers. Management Science, 45 (1). 1-15.

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2174 words - 9 pages .) Russell, Roberta S., and Taylor, Bernard W., Operations Management, 4th Edition, ch. 11, pg. 511-535. 3.) Rosenbloom, Bert, Marketing Channels, 7th Edition, 2004, pg. 405-406. 4.)Harvard Business School, “Barilla SpA (A)”, Boston, MA; Harvard Business School Publishing, 14 June 1994. 5.) “Just in Time distribution: the time is right.”, Supermarket News, 19 August 1991. http://www.highbeam.com/library/doc0.asp?docid=1G1:11145856&refid=ink_tptd_mag&skeyword=&teaser=

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