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Just Press Print Essay

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Similarly, 3-D printers could potentially print out drugs. Several researchers are testing the ability to make drugs with chemicals processed through the machine. In creating drugs, there are different shapes of the substances that make them react better in forming the product and this is crucial to the 3D printing process. Some reactions may even be required to have a catalyst which the 3D printer can make as well. The problem with making drugs is that they may be illegal and not safe for consumers. Katharine Sanderson states, “Of course, such freedoms will bring challenges too, including ensuring that drugs are made safely, and dealing with black markets that might offer prescription-only ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, companies are not held responsible.
Aside from the disadvantages, in the hands of the right people, 3-D printers can be put to great use. Professionals in the medical industry have begun using 3D printers to help patients with their struggles. According to Ranica Arrowsmith, the cost to buy a 3-D printer is worth it for medical doctors. Arrowsmith indicates, “After buying a MakerBot 2X 3-D printer for approximately $3,000, they were able to 3-D print Kate’s custom, functional prosthetic hand for less than $5.” 3-D printers are being used more and more in the medical field due to the low cost. Arrowsmith also discusses that medical professionals should be the only ones to perform this kind of printing because it is not safe for someone to try at home. She also points out the fact that every person is unique, with different sizes and shapes of body parts. With a 3-D printer, they are able to print almost the exact size and shape that one would need in the case of replacing a body part. With this new kind of technology, surgeries will run smoother and the recovery will be better, due to the fit of the piece needed replaced (30).
In addition to the medical field, 3-D printers could perhaps be sufficient for educational purposes. Most teachers cannot complete some kind of activity or experiment due to the lack of equipment and funding. In the article, “3D Revolution: It’s Not Just a New Way to Make Cellphone Cases. 3D Printing Could Change Everything,” Maria Goodrich states that by having 3-D printers available to professionals, the equipment needed would be extremely cheap, making it affordable for schools. With more supplies, comes more labs, a better understanding, and an even better education. Affordable supplies have been a concern for many schools in the past due to the expenses, yet with the 3-D printer, it can for once be available to all classes it applies to. This was something that Goodrich felt strongly about as she describes how expensive certain products are that are needed in a lab environment. 3-D printers would also be a great tool if a supply was to break because printing another one out would still reduce the cost significantly from before (10).
Aside from the disadvantages of allowing 3D printers to the public, it is crucial to consider and understand the opposing view of those who believe this would be unfair. Some say that the advantages that could be taken from this machine would be greater than the few disadvantages. According to the article, “The Impact of 3D Printing Technology on the Society and Economy,” Alexandru Pirjan and Dana-Mihaela Petrosanu address their thoughts on the 3-D printing technology. They mentioned how the amount of waste produced would significantly decrease when using a 3-D printer, due to the fact that when something is traditionally made today it is made with parts that will eventually be cut off and wasted. The amount of waste would be incredibly less because the object is made from the...

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