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Just Say No To Chocolate Essay Proves That There Is No Such Thing As A Chocoholic Because To Be One Would Be Saying You Are An Addict. It Compares Addiction To Cravings.

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Hershey kisses, Crunch bars, Snickers, Milky Ways, and M & M's! Some people just have to have chocolate to satisfy their taste buds except for me. Chocolate just isn't first on my list of sweets. However, we all have cravings for sweet things every now and then. "Chocoholics" have what some say is an addiction to chocolate. Chocolate is the most craved food in North America--Forty percent of American women and fifteen percent of American men say they are chocoholics (Kendall). The term chocoholic means that a person is addicted to chocolate much like a person can be addicted to alcohol. There are many theories as to why chocolate is craved so much but many are just grasping at straws. Although some people may think they are addicted to chocolate, I believe it has no addictive qualities at all.Lexiann, a chocoholic, is obsessed with chocolate. She would rather pick the thorns off roses with her teeth than miss eating her daily dose of chocolate (Grant). In a desperate state she would sell her grandmother's walker to get just one bite or a whiff from a wrapper. Lexiann is not alone. A girl in my English class stated she went into chocolate withdrawals without chocolate. Of course I thought withdrawals? Is that possible? Someone shook it off as just the body craving carbohydrates. I think it's a mindset. If a person thinks they need chocolate to function its because they have programmed themselves into that belief. No one needs chocolate. A diabetic might need it to raise their sugar but it is not as important to our bodies as meats and fruits.So if chocolate withdrawals don't define an addiction, what does? To be addicted is to continually use a substance knowing it is harmful to you and others, to build up a tolerance, lose interest in other things, to have unsuccessful attempts to quit, and to feel intoxicated at inappropriate times (Hughes). Chocolate is not even close to being a harmful substance. I would be scared if I started to see 'chocolate is harmful' commercials on television. People have certain tolerance levels with drugs. A person abusing prescription pills may soon have start taking a stronger pill because their body has become immune to it. Chocolate does not have that effect. If I were to eat a...

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