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Just Say No To Tobacco Use

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Some teenagers think that using tobacco products makes them look cool. I feel that tobacco use affects people in negative ways regardless if they use tobacco products or not. Some people are affected physically for example; they can get numerous types of diseases from the use of tobacco. In addition, it can cause emotional issues because tobacco can take over your way of life and the lives of family and friends. Furthermore, tobacco causes financial problems for the tobacco user because it is an expensive habit and it can cause additional financial burdens if the tobacco user becomes ill and is unable to work. Tobacco has many negative aspects on the user’s life and the life of their family and friends.
To begin with, there are the physical aspects of tobacco use. Cancer is one of the leading diseases that a user can get from tobacco use. Lip, tongue, mouth, larynx, lung, nasal cavity, pancreas, colon, rectum, cervix, and esophagus can all be affected by all the different types of tobacco products that people use. Lung cancer is the leading cause of death in men and women and the risk increases by the number of cigarettes they smoke. In addition, tobacco use can cause heart disease. People who smoke are up to six times more likely to suffer a heart attack. They are also at risk to have COPD, poor circulation, and causes harm to nearly every organ in the smoker’s body. The use of tobacco also affects a person’s looks. They become leather looking, yellowish skin tone and teeth, and make a person smell. Even if you are just an occasional tobacco user, you risk becoming addicted and are more likely to have bronchitis, coughs, or asthma attacks. The most saddening fact of all is that even people who are non smokers risk all these possible illnesses by breathing second hand smoke. This is only one part of how tobacco use affects a person’s life. Once they become ill from a disease they then face the financial toll smoking takes on a person.
Tobacco use can be a financial burden to a tobacco user. Once a person has become addicted to tobacco products they will spend an average of $7.00 or more a day on these products. With this habit, a person will spend an average of $100.00 a week for a household of two smokers. Over a ten year span, that would total up to more than $47,000.00. In...

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