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Writing has never been my strongest talent. I can enjoy writing a paper or story, but that is usually when it is not assigned to me. I have always felt that my assigned papers read like they are forced. I think I am a poor writer and my skills are very unfinished.
I feel that I am competent in organizing my papers and thoughts. However, I have never been able to structure sentences correctly. This makes me a poor proofreader as well. My first essay was graded down largely for my sentence structure. My proofreader has told me that I often end sentences in propositions.
Citations are new to me. I never had to write papers with sources in high school, and had never heard of MLA until ...view middle of the document...

They were so delicate and soft.” In my head I am saying that they do seem to go on forever and that when I was a kid they seemed so delicate to me. These are little mistakes that I don’t notice and have been trying to spend a little more time on.
One thing I feel that I am good at is placing my reader in my story through detail. Essay one pulled my reader directly into perfect, all-American childhood I had:
I was brought up out in the country in Texas. We had imagination in the place of television and electronics. I lived on two acres with a few horses and two dogs. We would spend hours outside, disappearing as quickly as our breakfast had and only appearing when the sun went down. Anything needed during the day was provided by whichever parents were lucky enough to have all us neighborhood children at their house that day. It amazed me how my family extended past our property line. None of the parents on the block had to allow us to stampede them, but they did with joy. And not one of my friends was an only child. Our group was usually split in two groups even though we were always together. It was the older siblings and the younger siblings. We assumed it must have been the only way all people lived because that is how we did and it was the best.
This is the type of writing that I can get lost in. When I can get a topic that allows me to be creative then I can get lost in the detail. However, I sometimes leave out detail assuming it is understood. When I read my papers back to myself I read it in the tone I wrote it in and can get lost in the bias. In essay four I inserted a paragraph that confused my reader, but to me it seemed to fit right in.
During a visit to Walmart I witnessed a man run his cart into a wall and get yelled at and slapped by a woman. It may be presumptuous but I was able to read the situation pretty well. He was intoxicated which was apparent by his walk, she was embarrassed by...

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