“Just Stop It”, An Insult Directed Towards Nik

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Nike does not own any of the factories that produce its products in Asia, and they do not directly employ any of the factory workers or the management. They contract out work to factories that make all of the product and run all of the factories. The reason that Nike operates this way, is because by contracting out their manufacturing the company is less "responsible" and liable for whatever goes on in the manufacturing facility. Nike states the price that the company is willing to pay per shoe to be made and the subcontractor, once they agree to the deal is responsible for manufacturing the quoted number of shoes for the stated price. A second reason as to why Nike contracts out its manufacturing jobs, is because of the constantly changing styles of shoes. Consumers tastes and preferences change so rapidly that the manufacturing companies don't have time to finish producing one style before an order for another style comes in. The factory managers are the ones that are creating the harsh working environments and the unreasonable hours. However, Nike, because of the amount of work they provide these manufcaturing companies with, have a huge influence on how these manufacturing plants operates. To ensure good labor practices Nike has a code of conduct that every subcontractor must agree to adhere to in order to get the contract finalized with Nike. If the Code of Conduct was an actually working model then it would have insured the workers a safe working environment, reasonable pay and reasonable hours and would have protected them from mistreatment and discrimination. However since the majority of the Nike workers are completely unaware that the company even has something like the code of conduct, they are unable to defend themselves through using the code as an avenue to complain or prove that any wrong doings have occurred. There is a small minority of people that are aware of the code of conduct. These people have formed a workers Union called the All China Federation of Trade (ACFTU), however this Union rarely protects the workers from management discrimination, because the Union is Government controlled and the government does not want to intervene with huge multi national Companies. The government tries to promote huge multi national companies to come into the country and establish a plant in so that the locals will benefit from foreign investors coming in and spending money and providing more jobs. This is also why the government is so lax with many of the laws that were put in place to protect workers from over work and under pay. The government wants their country to look good to investors, thus they forfeit their the responsibility of making sure that manufacturing companies are meeting all government standards. In William Greiders analysis of the situatiion he quoptes Proffsor Lae Dilokvidhyarat who...

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