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What are artificial body parts? Doctors and bioengineers, scientists who know both the human body and how to build machines, have together created some sixty artificial body parts. In the future, they hope to make artificial organs, called organoids, to replace diseased lungs, livers, and other organs.Now… on to my topic Tadah! Artificial LIMBS! Definition: · Synthetic replacement for an arm or leg lost as the result of injury, disease, or a birth defect · Also called prosthesis (Wow, so chim) · Cannot perform all the functions of a human limb · But… a well-fitted prosthesis can help a person participate in most everyday activities Preparation: · An individual prosthesis must be custom-made for each patient · In most cases involving an amputated limb, the remaining stump must heal and shrink before it can be fitted with a permanent prosthesis · For several weeks, the stump is wrapped tightly with elastic bandages to help it shrink to a firm, smooth surface. During this time, the person exercises the remaining limb muscles to preserve their strength and movement, and to promote circulation.· Plastic socket that will fit over the stump snugly and comfortably is made · A cast for the socket may be obtained by wrapping the stump with bandages soaked in wet plaster and letting them harden · After the bandages are removed, they serve as a mould. Liquid plaster poured into this mould provides a model of the stump, which is used to make the socket. A socket can also be made by moulding softened plastic directly onto the stump, which is protected by thin layers of cloth and rubber.· Next, artificial arm or leg is attached to the socket · Materials used in making artificial limbs include plastic, fibreglass, metal, and wood.· Light metal supports attached to the socket may contain an artificial joint to replace an elbow or a knee · The prosthesis ends in a substitute hand or foot. Some hand substitutes look like a real hand, but most consist of a pair of metal hooks that act as tongs. A foot substitute has the same general shape as a normal foot. Most prostheses are attached to the body by means of straps or suction.Hmm… How do u control these limbs? · Controlled by an attached stainless steel cable that loops around the opposite shoulder · Movements of that shoulder produce movement in the corresponding arm prosthesis. Artificial legs are chiefly controlled by the body's normal movements while walking · In the early 1960's, researchers developed a type of prosthesis controlled by myoelectricity--the electric current...

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