What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

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As we laid unconscious on the white, crystallized sand, Bob arose. He quickly scanned his mysterious surrounding trying to recall what had happened, until his eyes met the broken pieces of the A971 in the water.
“Everyone wake up! Wake up please!” he sobbed, tears rushing down his face. As he yelled, my eyes flew open. I quickly looked around at our suspicious surrounding and found the beach was coloured with unconscious bodies, about 8 in total. Soon enough, everyone started waking up- wanting answers.
As I got up, memories rushed through my head of the sudden crash.

“Make sure you call your father right away once you get to the airport, and are you sure you've got everything? Have you got your ticket? Did you brush your teeth?! Dave did you change your-”
“Mom, I've been flying over to dad every summer since I was 5, I think I would be used to this after 12 years.”
“I know, just be careful. Now put on your seat belt, you’re gonna be late for your flight”.

I buckled my seat belt as i chatted with Bob, the mechanic, who i had just met. All of a sudden, the pilot's voice played through the tiny speakers on the side of the plane and my mind went blank. Next thing I knew, I was in the middle of a panicking mess.
“Calm down, calm down, everything's going to be okay, Bob”. I assured him, as i ran up and provided support as he gradually knelt down. People were casually getting up with questioning expressions, and soon enough i was back in the middle of a panicking mess.
“Everyone calm down, we’ve just had a minor accident but I’m sure everything will be okay and we should be back to schedule right away. We just-”
“There's no signal here!” a woman interrupted the pilot, as she stared disappointingly at her phone. Without any hesitation, the co-pilot then got up and shot straight towards the broken plane- breaking down to the ground when he noticed that the front of the plane had disappeared somewhere in the water.
“We lost the emergency supplies?!” another passenger yelled as they flailed their arms in the air.
“Everything is going to be okay, I assure you all”. The pilot said, even though he didn’t seem very sure himself.
“why’d the plane crash in the first-”
“My daughter has a fever! Help!” a mother pleaded, as all the babbling skid to a stop. I ran over, felling her daughter's forehead.
“Her fever is definitely high”. I confirmed. “I think it's best if some of us went out to get some food, herbs, and wood”.
“We'll help”. Two brothers (based on what i had overheard as I snooped during the flight) took a step forward. “I'm Robby and this is my brother John”.
“We'll come along too,” the pilots volunteered, as if it was a chance to redeem themselves.
It only left one more guy, Bob, but even at this point he was still sitting on the ground with his head between his legs.
We went ahead into the forest and were greeted with green vines slapping us in the face and monkeys and snakes watching our every move. Aside from that, it was quite...

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