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What Happened To Common Sense ?

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What Happened to Common Sense: Jena LouisianaWhat is society coming to? When does the race card expire? It is ludicrous that anytime a charge is leveled at a black, it is because he/she is black. That story is getting old and stale. They have tried 11 and 12 (white) year olds as adults, but the only reason they tried 17 year old Mychal as an adult is because he is black. Sure, got it. I am so sick of this every step taken forward towards an end to racism there are two back. And why, situations like this. I got news for you, if OJ was white he would not have been able to play the race card and he would be in jail now.What kind of human being with any intelligence at all would compare hanging nooses in a tree to kicking a teen unconscious and then continuing to kick even after he was out? That is what kept being repeated over and over by the blacks who felt it necessary to haul their behinds into Jena and protest. The white kids did not get equal punishment? WHAT! They hung nooses in a tree which is despicable and down-right ignorant. But since when does that type of ignorance equal not one but six on one kicking one teen to within an inch of his life?And these preachers, may God forgive them. They should have been on their respective pulpits teaching God's love. But what were they doing inciting racial dribble. SHAME on them for using God's pulpit to promote bigotry. Remember that God judges teachers more rigidly.Let's be honest here. Remember, "sticks and stones", "use your words", "turn the other cheek". I...

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