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What Happened To The Romanov Family?

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Biology Coursework by Bhagirath Chouhan.The aim of this coursework is to clearly find which type of solution will increase or decrease the size of the potato chip in 15 minutes and 30 minutes. The two solutions we are going to use are a 'manipulated' solution, which is rich in sugar and 'fixed' solution, which is pure water. Both of the solutions will be set at a fixed temperature. The temperature for both solutions will be room temperature.In this coursework experimentation we had to use a distinct amounts of stock solutions, which consists of, 5% stock solution, 10% stock solution, 20% stock solution, 30% stock solution, 40% stock solution and 50% stock solution. The stock solutions contain sugar, however, the controlled stock solutions contain only water. All the different percentages of solutions will be poured into different beakers, which are marked of which percentage is contained inside. Inside the beakers we will put inside three potato samples at the uniform size, 15 mm by 30mm. The potato samples will all be the equivalent size, as it will make the readings fair, as if the samples were dissimilar sizes some will absorb more solution, increasing their size rather than others. The samples will be first analysed after fifteen minutes. Here we will take out each sample, from each container and then measure the size of the sample, straight after this we must put the samples back in the beakers they belong to and then for the last time do the same thing yet again after another fifteen minutes. This then means that the timing of when you take the samples out of the beaker and when you put the samples in the beaker must be exact to make the test as fair as possible, each sample would then have had the same duration in the stock solutions for the same time. Then once the second fifteen minutes have passed, put the results of the sizes of your samples in a table, including of which percentage of series stock solution it was in. Do this two more times, with three potato samples in each beaker.Pour different percentages of solutions in a 100ml beaker.Use the cork borers to punch holes in the potato.Using the potato from the cork borers, using a ruler measure the potato up to 30mm and precisely cut with a knife.Put three potato samples in each beaker. Once you do this keep the time15 minutes later take the samples out of each beaker one by one. Measure them to see any variable in size and then note this down in your results table.Put all samples back where you got them from and do the same thing again after another 15 minutes.I suggest that this method of carrying out the experiment is fast and easy. This is as all you need to do is keep track of time and be able to measure the potato sample correctly, using a ruler. Additionally, I also think that this method of carrying out the experiment out is that it is more accurate as we will have to test each stock solution three ties. Making the readings more accurate as they have been tested before and we...

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