What Has Influenced The Course Of Your Life The Most And Why?

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"Everybody has his own world", they say. It is nonsense. The world staysthe same. It is how you look at it that makes the difference. It is just likelooking through glasses of your ideas, habits and values. Everybody hassuch a pair of glasses. They have been created since you were born and,believe it or not, they were not created by you. It is OTHER PEOPLE whohave made them. No matter if you love those people, hate them or don.tknow them personally. It is enough to come in touch with their ideas.However, I do not think it is fate that has influenced the course of mylife. I believe it has been my pair of "glasses": my ideas, habits and values.Because if my values were different, they would give my life a differentcourse, too. Well, and if it is the pair of "glasses", through which I seethe world, that has influenced the course of my life the most, it is alsothe people who have created my "glasses". As everyone, I have beeninfluenced by lots of people. And who are the most important of them?First of all are my parents. They have known and loved me since thebeginning of my existence and they were the first ones to shape my'glasses' through education. That is why my values are similar to theirvalues and my 'glasses' similar to their 'glasses', especially my Mum.s.But there are also differences in our 'glasses' and that is why there canbe friction between us. Sometimes she accepts my ideas, too, althoughshe thinks something different. But most times she wants me to seethings in the same way as she sees them. That is what I do not like abouther, but such behavior just belongs to us humans: Everybody, or almosteverybody thinks that his glasses are the best and, of course, we wantonly the best for the people we love. Luckily, people do not let themselvesbe influenced by things they don't want. If everyone thought the sameabout everything, our life would be pretty boring!Next it is my friends who have influenced my 'glasses' which haveinfluenced the course of my life the most. For when you like someone,you are more likely to accept his ideas and values than when you do notlike someone. And when you hate someone, you want your ideas tobecome the opposite of what he thinks. For example, it is hard to say,"Yes, you are right," I think the same thing to people you do not like, isit not? Another good example: my class teacher. She might be a...

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