What I Will Be Taking With Me

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I do not believe the universe only knocks once, I believe it starts as a whisper and goes round and round till you get it. It is usually the quiet or the unexpected moments you hear it best, though still sometimes you might need several of those moments and a few reminders after that. It was in my most recent semester at school where I heard how imbalanced I truly was, and if I made it my mission to live my life in balance, to relax more and trust more, I will be more.
I went back to school with the simple goal of getting my degree and moving ahead in my career. School, education and obtaining my degree were always important to me, since my profession requires a bachelor degree to qualify for national certification, it was a better excuses than any to finally go to college and get the degree I had always wanted. As an adult student I put a lot of pressure on myself to do everything to the best of my ability, to keep the bar high and to go above and beyond what I even expected of myself; many times over extending my self and doing too much.
This recent semester I had to take a class called the “Adult Learner.” My prejudgement of this class had me determine it was going to be easy, I am an adult and a learner, done. Upon entering this class I had two choice; I could either go through the motions, or use it as an opportunity to stress less and learn more. Since it is not like me to just go through the motions, it became, what I thought, was going to be a lesson in stressing less, not getting ahead, and trusting the process. For example, I had already read our courses required reading, “the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” if this was the first time I was reading it, I would be reading for comprehension, however since it was the second go round, I was reading more for application. Not reading was never an option for me, over reading is the way I would have normally gone, but this time around, I use it as an opportunity to follow the class and focus on the lesson.
I came in to the learning experience with a few strengths and a few fears. I was not sure why, but I was greatly concerned with how religion will play in to the the class room. If it would dominate the discussion and lessons and if that meant I had to mentally remove myself mentally from the learning. Second, and instantly, I identified my self to the class as an individual whose second language was English, and how this would hinder me.
First I had to be open and understanding of what an adult learner actually was. I came in to the class knowing I fit the criteria, but it was not until we read and discussed a few articles on the subject that I learned what that criteria actually was, and how it was a hinderance. In the article “Adult Learning Theory” it was brought to my attention that adults, though ready to learn, come to the class with predetermined bias and expectations. That while they come with knowledge and understanding, sometimes this is uses to reject new...

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