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What Is A Home Theater System

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Chapter 1 – What is a Home Theater System?

Before the 1950s even though television was in existence, the average models for home use were not able to create the type of entertainment experience that one would get when going to the movie theater. In fact, even when home theater systems did start becoming available, they were not via television. Instead, they were through projector equipment. Of course back then the technology was only limited to showing ‘home movies’ or more infamously silent stag films, but it was still establishing a trend that would continue even until today. This trend would involve turning one’s bedroom, basement or even a backyard into a movie theater of sorts. Granted, there doesn’t exist any home theater system that can create an exact replica of a movie theater, but most do a pretty good job of getting as close as they can to the experience.

Today’s home theater systems have come a long way since the soundless projector systems used in the 50s. In the current era, you can choose between using a regular big-screen television or a projection screen for your home theater needs. But a proper home theater system doesn’t end with just the viewing equipment, as audio is just as important as the visual element. A proper home theater system will have at least two high-powered stereo speakers, though some setups can have up to 11. It is even better if these speakers have surround sound capability, which basically means sound is outputted in all directions.

A home theater system also needs an input device for watching television or playing movies. If a person is using a regular television set for their home theater system, they could use an antenna to get access to basic TV stations, (though, as you will learn later in this e-book, this will change in 2009). On the other hand, projectors need to be connected to cable in order for television to be seen. In terms of playing movies, both televisions and projectors can make use of DVD players. If a person would like to view the now obsolete video cassette through their home theater system, they could try getting a dual DVD/video cassette player. These are extremely hard to find in stores, so it’s best to try to search for one through E-Bay or other auction sites.

Alternatively, a person could consider getting a video game system to take care of their DVD needs. The video game systems that can also play DVDs include: the Xbox, the Xbox 360, the Playstation 2 and the Playstation 3. Of these systems you will pay the most for the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3, since they are the newest ones out there. Although the price is going down, expect to pay several hundred dollars for either. Indeed, this is much more expensive than just getting a DVD player, however, video game systems offer an advantage that regular DVD players don’t. This advantage is obviously the ability to play video games. If video games don’t appeal to you at all, then you should probably just...

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