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"What Is A Human Anyway?" Essay

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What is a Human Anyway?Today, words get thrown around unhindered; we use the word human every day without taking the time to ponder its intended meaning. In the novel Bicentennial Man a robot named Andrew fights for his independence and to be called human. In the end his wish is fulfilled everything is fine and dandy. But does Andrew really deserve the title of a human? And if so, what does being a human really mean?This story, written in the 1970's, is becoming more of a reality rather than science fiction. Robots like Andrew could be in our future! If robots become a part of our daily lives would they get to be called human like Andrew? The development of Artificial Intelligence terrifies me. It's almost like we are building another race, rather than helpful mechanisms. Once robots are perfected, we are all going to want them as our slaves. The Androids can do everything for us and we will become more selfish and lazy than ever. Next thing you know, the Androids are going to have a "Robotic Rights Movement", and inquire to be treated as equals. They'll want to be treated as human.I don't think Andrew is a human or deserves to be treated as one. God made humans in his own representation to look after everything. Only God can create humans. The biggest part of being human, is the ability to be independent. Andrew doesn't know what it's like to be self-reliant. In the story the robot had these laws programmed into him that he couldn't break if he tried! Humans have laws too, but at least we can strive to break them.One of the laws forced upon this being states that a robot is not aloud to harm a human. Anyone could hold a gun up to Andrew he would do nothing to defend himself, because he can't hurt a human. Human beings have instincts and will do anything it takes to survive, even if it means killing someone. Andrew is not capable of such things. I could do anything to dismember him and all he could do is sit back and watch his body fall apart. Andrew really wouldn't have to worry about that though, because we can always put him back together. Is that always true of humans?If I put a virus in his system, and he got "sick" and died...all I would have to do is re-program Andrew and...WOW! Looks whose back! Andrew can't be human. No human is restricted the way he is and at the same time no human gets privileges to die and come back to life like Andrew.Andrew likes to carve wooden objects into nice shapes. He enjoys doing it. To enjoy something...

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