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What Is Behind The Sea Essay

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4. Study Area:
The village we have chosen is Anfeh which is located on the Northern Lebanese coast. It is a town in Qaza Al-Koura. Its total area is 4937721 m2, and its population is 7250 as of year 2000 (, 2013). Its inhabitants come from various backgrounds and families, have different and educational levels.

Anfeh possesses harbors and many interesting places like historical ruins, a wonderful shore, old churches like Dar El Natour Monestry, and beautiful landscapes. Green landscapes of olive, almond, and grape trees give the town a rich resource for its people. Being on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Anfeh is a good place for swimming, sailing and fishing.
According to the official Anfeh website (www. - 2000), around 415 inhabitants still practice fishing on a regular basis and 80 of them were classified as full-timers. Unfortunately since this website was not updated, another source was considered. Based on the data generated by the Institute of the Environment (IOE) at the University of Balamand through the pilot testing project with the Ministry of Agriculture in the year 2013, we were able to get more accurate data that classifies 56 of the total population as full-time fishermen that own their boats and maintain them. Thus the data above that says that we have 80 full time fishermen is incorrect. Fishing is the livelihood and only source of income for the families of these 56 individuals. Fishing boats are a shelter for fishermen in the natural fishing port of Nhayreh in bad weather conditions.

Anfeh's rocky coast shelters underwater species feeding on the seaweed that attract large numbers of fish. That place also attracts many anglers willing to fill their baskets with different types of fish.

4. Results and discussion:
Interviews and Data collection:
For us to understand more and learn more about the livelihood changes in artisanal Fisheries in Anfeh that have happened over the last 13 years, questions were prepared to ask the local villages and most importantly the full time fishermen that we found on the port and that welcomed us into their homes. The main locals that at drew our attention with their information were:
1. Elias Zaayter, a fisherman
2. Emille Khabbaz, The head of the Fisheries Cooperation
3. Toni Younes, Fish Sales Man
4. Mr. Jabbour, a fisherman and it’s a family business for him
5. The other fishermen interviewed didn’t give names. They were scared and didn’t want to lose their other jobs.
After gathering this information, we compared it to the information that we got from literature and other data sources like the Institute of Environment at Balamand that is working on a pilot project concerning fisheries.
The interview questions (Annex 1) were also asked to the fishermen that we found on the port, that work as full time fishermen and that have families. These questions were asked individually to each fisherman and then we gathered them and came up with a...

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