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What Is Global Warming?Global warming refers to temperature increases in the troposphere, which then causes climate change. Natural changes, human activities, or both can cause this type of warming. Global climate change is a broader word that refers to the changes in the Earth's climate, which include temperature, precipitation, and storm intensity and patterns (Colling, 2007).The majority of the world's climate experts believe that global warming is occurring, that human activities are a key element in the temperature increase, and that the human activities will eventually increase the warming during this century. However, the difficulty for these scientists to understand climate changes is extremely difficult due to the lack of technology, and experiments. In return, this separates these scientists into two groups (Brassch, 2005).One group is made up of a few leading scientists who do not believe that the human race does not know a lot about climate change to suggest that global warming is real. They state that their research and models have too many discrepancies and gap in information. The other group of scientist's- most of them are not climate experts- research is largely based on coal, oil, automobile, and utility industries that have an interest in not having carbon dioxide stated as a pollutant. The primary goal of these industries is to delay action by having doubt on the reasonableness of the research made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and other climate research facilities. These attempt s to cast doubt have worked in their favored because they have helped delay serious action on global warming (Brassch, 2005).The Earth's climate is greatly affected by the sun. Without solar energy, the Earth would be a cold planet that would be unable to support any kind of life. The greenhouse effect is a natural process that also affects the Earth's climate. The greenhouse effect warms the Earth's lower troposphere and surface because of the existence of gases called the greenhouse gases. These gases are water vapor, nitrous oxide, methane, the most commonly know, carbon dioxide. The oceans, which cover most of the planet, influence the climate by storing carbon dioxide and heat, evaporating and receiving water as part of the hydrologic cycle, and moving heat through currents. A natural cooling process also occurs at Earth's surface. The evaporating of surface water absorbs heat. As the water vapor rises, it condenses into water droplets in clouds and release the stored heat higher into the troposphere. The mixture of cool and hot produce Earth's surface temperature, which is about fifteen degrees Celsius (Natural Resource Defense Council, 2007).Some films, like Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, depict evidence and some of its horrendous effects global warming has had on the Earth today. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences said it is very likely that the Earth has been the...

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