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Learning to be an adequate writer has always been a journey for me. I can recall many moments in my life where I struggled with writing. I would often spend countless hours pondering on what I should write about and felt that it was very difficult to come up with ideas to produce a coherent piece of writing. With guidance and practice, I was able to improve my writing style and become a better writer. However this ordeal was not an easy task. I can recall periods in my educational years where I felt the need to improve my vocabulary. I felt that I must complete this task because good writers were ones that had the ability to express themselves to the best of their abilities. By having a strong diction, it would be easier for me relate my ideas and produce strong writing. Thus, I allocated a good portion of my studies to learn vocabulary.It took me over two months to build a vocabulary base of 4000 college level words. I remember putting an hour a day into learn this vocabulary to the best of my ability. After I accomplished this daunting task, I felt more confident in writing practically anything. I was able to express my ideas more fluently and for this reason I was able to finish my assignments quicker. My oral skills also were affected by this newfound change because I now had my own unique "voice."I believe that one of the greatest things we can achieve through writing is finding our uniqueness or "voice." It is evident that every individual is different and has their own way of expressing themselves. Thus, by using writing as a medium, we can have a tangible outlook on who we are as writers and more importantly, who we are as individuals. Peter Elbow once stated in his work entitled Landmark Essays that "one of the traditional problems when we revise dissertations for publication is getting rid of the deferential questioning, permission-asking tone- and getting more authority in voice." (Elbow xxxii). I agree with Elbow's statement because by finding one's voice, one is able to present his/her claims with more conviction. Consequently, this will produce a stronger piece of writing.My experience in completing assignments 1.1 to 4.1 for my English 1000c class helped me understand myself and my method of writing. I realized that I have a unique style of writing; however my writing still needs improvement. I also learned to analyze things more critically while writing about personal experiences. In doing so, I realized how I grew as a person and how my environment shaped the person I am today.Taking my experiences of writing into consideration I have come to an understanding of what writing truly is. I believe that writing is a process and can only be considered "good writing" if proper steps are taken. According to a book entitled ESL Composition by Dana Ferris and John Hedgcock, the following steps must be completed to achieve a writing work: prewriting, planning and drafting, rewriting and revising, feedback, incubations and revision, editing...

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