What Lies In The Future Of Our Youth?

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What lies in the future of our youth? Do we really know? The beliefs should be believed that we have the power to mold the minds of our children, that we have to take any steps necessary to make sure that the mold is something that we would like to see in our up and coming youth molded into, and that we cannot allow this mold to be broken. Our basic survival depends on those minds of our youth that we need to take the time to mold today.
Youth delinquency is a massively growing problem in the United States today. Youth delinquency “refers to abnormal social or legal behavior by children or adolescents, for dealing with juveniles, such as juvenile detention centers. There are a multitude of different theories on the causes of crime, most if not all of which can be applied to the causes of youth crime” (Youth Delinquency, 1999 p.1). A youth (juvenile) delinquent is one who repeatedly commits crime. There are multiple reasons for the increase in criminal activity amount the nation’s youthful population.
“A substantial amount of research has been devoted to the factors that may put youth at risk for delinquency. These risk factors can be found in every life domain (individual, family, school, community, and peer group), and everyone experiences some degree of risk in his or her life. With regard to juvenile delinquency, the number, types, duration, timing and severity of risks may increase the likelihood that a youth will engage in antisocial behavior” (Christle, Jolivette and Nelson, 2005 p. 70). Delinquent and criminal behavior among young people, as they negotiate the transition from childhood to adulthood, is an increasingly complex and confusing world. For many young people today, traditional patterns guiding the relationships and transitions between family, school and work are being challenged. Social relations that ensure a smooth process of socialization are collapsing. Youth nowadays, regardless of gender, social origin or country of residence, are subject to individual risks abut are also being presented with new individual opportunities-some beneficial and some potentially harmful. Often, advantage is being taken of illegal opportunities as young people commit various offences, become addicted to drug, and use violence against their peers.
There are many social factors that can contribute to youth delinquency. One that has risen to the top of the list is the role the family plays in delinquency. Family dynamics are on a constant change. Over fifty percent of households in the US are led by a single parent. The nurture, guidance, love, and discipline a child needs is lacking in many cases. Therefore, some of our youth are drawn to the streets or indulge in risky behavior because they are seeking some type of acceptance. These same youth want to feel important and they want to belong, which can make them susceptible to negative influences. It has become increasingly obvious that a youth’s family can and will have a significant...

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