What's She Doing Here? Essay

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She walked into the shed and all eyes turned onto her, though not because she was gorgeous or because she made a soundly entrance, no; it was because she was female. Leah Goldstem stood at the bold yellow line of the workshop, awkwardly silent as the clanging of tools suddenly came to a halt.
“I think you’re in the wrong place love” the head mechanic Dave’s deep voice boomed across the room, he had a jeering look, as he looked her up and down. Leah glanced across the room at him in response “No I’m the new mechanic, Leah.” Dave started bursting out with laughter, tears started streaming down his face; this had to be a joke, within seconds all the men in the workshop joined in. Leah felt the blood rushing to her face, and immediately Dave knew she wouldn't last two minutes in this place.
“Well don’t just stand there sweetheart, make yourself useful” Kevin piped up from behind an old land cruiser ute, he was looking forward to the entertainment Lara would bring, the place was getting a little boring for his liking. Lara silently nodded and carried her toolbox and ambled to the empty space in the dusty old shed. Larry, the resident sleazebag, sauntered up behind her, grabbing her behind in the process. She jumped, swinging around to come face to face with shaggy blonde hair and a grease covered face. “Don’t worry babe, I don’t bite, hard,” he whispered, with a wink, Lara wanted to vomit; the normally brash twenty-two year old was stunned silent by the treatment she was receiving. Her friends had told her she’d be fine at her new job at Joe’s Mechanics, but Lara wasn’t so sure now.
“That one’s your job love,” Dave pointed to a rusty beaten down sedan, sitting in a pile of dust in the corner. He knew it was a hard job, all the boys had palmed it off to one another for weeks; Dave was going to alienate the girl so much she’d definitely quit within a week. Or so he hoped.
A week later and Lara hadn’t quit, plus the sedan had received ample amounts of work. Lara had poured herself into working on it, to distract herself from the constant comments she received. “Nice ass girl,” “that’s a spanner if you didn’t know babe, sp-an-ner” and “why don’t you wear a white t-shirt while washing the car, show us something you’re actually made for” were just some of the remarks that were swung towards her as she sweated over the huge task. She hated it at the mechanics, and she knew the boys hated her being there too. “She’s just good to look at, otherwise she gets in the way,” Kevin groaned in the tearoom one morning; “plus she’s so damn neat, just makes us look bad,” Pete agreed. “Well she’s got a sweet body, I don’t mind looking at that while I’m working,” Larry said, as he shoved amounts of butter shortbread down his mouth. The boys laughed, if they weren’t going to get rid of the unwanted girl, Larry’s sleezy attitude was going to come close.
The boy’s went to great lengths to try get Lara to quit. On the Tuesday of her second week, Kevin undid the bolts of the...

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