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What Society Is Depicted On Today

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Society- an organized group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes.
Too many people have had their minds fixed on the ideas that the perfect women should be a “lady” embodying the image of a Barbie, the only known flawless character known to our human species or the ideal man should have to live up to the unachievable expectations of every females dream of being 6’7 with an abdominal structure of a firefighter and a P.H.D in law. These expectations are extremely high and are impossible to obtain. Living in a materialistic environment influences children to adapt to trends and sudden changes to make themselves appear more passable for the people around them. The children of our generation have been infected with a disease called insecurity. TV shows and music videos have made the wrong idea of what people should look like and act like. The world should create better influences, end all violence, and have better places to live for the children of the future.
First, the world should create better influences. Most teens use their role models to guide them through situations in life. Teens are mostly influenced by commercials, celebrities, and magazines. When kids watch TV, someone will indorse a new trend and change their follower’s perspective on what they were taught was wrong because their favorite actor did so. If the youth’s inspirations did not make negative decisions then their supporters wouldn’t make choices that change their lives drastically. Since the younger generations don’t understand much about the real world they look toward guidance from others older, that live the life that they want to live, so they can live up to those standards and become what their inspiration is. Artists or commercials could show a more positive aspect on life, then their followers would begin to think more positive and do more good for the benefit of the society they live in. When someone doesn’t know how deal with their own problems they need help in figuring it out. Commercials could also help by promoting to be above the influence. Being near drugs is a gateway pass to trouble. Fighting off temptation could alter a life completely. Thus, the world should create better influences.
Second, the world should end all violence. Minors are impacted by everything they come in contact too. A child is vulnerable and innocent and doesn’t see the bad in anything because to them life is extremely placid. Being a child everything is peaceful and easy. No one is trying to harm you or anyone, but that’s not...

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