What Ideas About Power Does Your Novel Explore? Refer To Specific Characters And Events In The Novel Using Quotes To Support Your Answer.

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There are many lessons and themes about power which are explored in the novel ‘Lord of the flies’ by William Golding. Many of these themes are still meaningful and relevant in toady’s world. The novel is about a group of young boys that become stranded on a deserted island with no one but themselves to decide what is best for the group and what they shall do next. How the group of young boys go about this predicament is where many of the themes arise which Golding is attempting to convey to the readers.One of the ideas about power which is explored in the novel is the type of leadership that society prefers. There have been many leaders and many ways of leading a group though the two most popular and well known in today’s society would be communism and democracy. Communism is a system where the leader has absolute power over all and controls everything with no one able to oppose any of the leader’s choices. Democracy is a system where each person in the group is able to speak their own opinions and have their own say into the group’s decisions. Each type of leadership has shown many of its own advantages and disadvantages in the past and that is why it is difficult to argue which is best. In the novel, Ralph attempts to create a democratic environment where the boys are able to speak their own opinions and he does this by symbolising the right to speak into the conch."We can use this [conch] to call the others. Have a meeting. They’ll come when they hear us." Ralph and Piggy found a conch which they then made the item to hold for the person who is speaking during a meeting. This was an attempt to create an arrangement where each person could have their say on a topic without being disrupted by others. Seeming as though Ralph’s group was not progressing in the way Jack would have liked, he becomes restless and creates his own group which act under Jack’s communistic leadership. By the end of the novel, all had left Ralph’s side for one reason or another which showed that most of the group preferred Jack’s leadership and ideas. This domination of communism over democracy is attempting to portray the ‘domino theory’. The ‘domino theory’ is the spread of communism throughout the world and how it would spread from country to country. The novel does not obviously state whether one type of leadership is better than the other though is shows how influential one can be if it is able to provoke the right emotions in humans.Throughout the novel, two types of leaders are presented where both have very different characteristics. This novel explores what characteristics are best for a person in a position of power and which would be most effective in an attempt to influence as many people as possible. Ralph is presented as a very confident and friendly person who seems to care for everyone’s needs. The entire group of boys seemed to like and respect Ralph, otherwise they would not...

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