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When the question is asked "Can we live in a just world?" In effect it is
asking us a variety of things. "Can there be justice for all?" and "Can there
be equality for all people?". The answer to this question is no.
Unfortunately we live in a world where justice has never really transpired. The
first justice that I would like to speak about is personal justice. Blessed are
those reared in a household innocence of the deadly sin of envy. Their lives
will be tormented by a grinding resentment that they are not beautiful, or
famous, or favored with gifts of fortune. They will not demand as a natural
right or an entitlement of personal equality with everybody under the sun; nor
maintain that their opinions are as good as anybody else's. They will not covet
a neighbors' goods. And thus they may come to know peace of soul. The
injustice of equality 10/15/93 The point of this statement is not to say that
envy makes equality. When we wish for "personal equality" with people, we wish
to deny what we really are and allow for superficialness. We become so obsessed
with our possessions that we forget who we are and the beauty of our differences.
Aristole said that "it is unjust to treat unequal things equally". All people
are different, that is exactly what makes us human, so when we treat people
entirely the same, we deny their identity. For example that does not mean that
I should not treat all people with respect, but I feel that even that may differ
depending on who you are and how I am related to you. For instance, I will not
give a stranger the same amount of respect that I might give my mother or father.
I feel that would be unfair, and ignorant. The stranger should have to earn my
respect, just like my parents or friends. The teachings of Marx exemplified this
very wrong that I am discussing. Marx believed (if I am not mistaken)that in
order to bring about equality for all, first we must find the inequality between
classes and get rid of it. When this deed is performed it would in essence
place everybody on the same level. This would place all people in an equality
of conditions, where all are in the same boat. The average person would be
faced with the same problems as the next. This is the type of "just" society
that I do not think should exist. It is absolutely unjust.

I have no doubt that when we recognize the differences between people, without
being envious of their talents and gifts, we may find things that we may learn
from. By doing this we not...

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