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Justice And Peace: The Road To Christian Salvation

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Justice and Peace: The Road to Christian Salvation

War appears to be the most vicious and unpleasant form of human interaction. No other setting allows people to kill each other in such substantial numbers or to cause such incredible and extensive distress. Wars often take many years to develop and they can last for years longer than that and the effects duplicate for decades and even centuries afterwards. A question that is frequently asked is: If war is so terrible, why do people continue to allow it to occur? A simple answer to this can be why isn’t war simply eliminated.

Oddly, some actually seem to be fond of war. Armed battle is glorified for making us superior, stronger, and worthwhile beings even though we still have the power and strength to kill others. In the United States society today, the average person feels that war is simply miserable and a vicious act. The Christian majority seem to have bought into the myth that making war, like the rest of foreign policy, is not a moral issue, just a matter of fact. Faith requires Christians to determine when, and under what conditions, they may participate in the war making process. Christians strive for peace but realize in certain extreme cases that war may be a necessary evil to rectify certain situations and this can be shown through the current situation with Iraq.

Unfortunately, at this point in time war appears to be inevitable with Iraq. The United States has done everything in its power to communicate with Iraq and discuss negotiations as well as trying to get Iraq to disarm. According to the tenets of Christianity it is imperative that they try to find a peaceful resolution. A Christian “faith is a relationship with God” (Thompson 179). Faith is to be understood merely as a relationship and not only a set of beliefs that one must follow. Having a faith always acknowledges the presence of God at all times (Thompson 179). A Christians place in this world is to create justice and to make peace. Having the ability to do this makes one strive to be compassionate.

There are four dimensions to a Christian’s journey in life: “growing in knowledge and wisdom, personal conversion and advocacy or exercising one’s citizenship” (Thompson 197). Meaning, growth in each of these four stages contributes to living a life of compassion and justice. Continual growth in the spirit will affect one’s way of life. Having an awareness of your faith, understanding the broad range between the rich and poor, and the way humans daily activities harm the earth will force Christians to live a simpler life so others can minimally be able to live (Thompson 198). A Christian’s duty is to mature in life by means of compassion, wisdom and courage who must eventually become a justice seeker and peacemaker. God wants Christians to expand to all nations and spread the word of God, teaching them that justice and peace will lead them to the road of salvation (Thompson...

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