Justice And Righteousness Essay

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The story begins with two couples. Both couples are in a situation where they have to decide to keep their baby or give it up for adoption. The first couple are young, still in their teens, and have experienced an unexpected pregnancy before marriage. The other couple are older, married, with blooming careers and have gotten pregnant at the wrong time. Both of these couples see their babies as interruptions, or as set backs to their lives. They do not have the time, the funds nor the want for these babies and have decided to give them to an adoption agency. The couples do not show much concern for the babies and where they will end up but would rather them have the chance for a better family ...view middle of the document...

Years past by, and the girls are now 12. The little girl is still in the orphanage, and is still wondering why she is not being loved. The other family is doing great. They have taken great care of their girl and brought her up with the values of God. They were super involved in church and applied the laws they learned to their life. Along comes a man that is running for mayor. His goal is to find a cute enough girl to adopt and win over the people for votes. So he goes into the same orphanage. He tells them what he is looking for and is given options. He decides to pick the little girl that was left 8 years ago. The little girl is filled with joy because she will finally be loved like all the other children that were adopted.
The new family arrive home. The house is huge like a mansion and the father shows the little girl her room. She gets everything she could ever want, expect for love. Her parents are too busy campaigning to spend any time with her. She gets neglected from love and spoiled by stuff.
More time has passed, and it is 6 years later. The girls are now 18 and ready to move out...

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