Justice And Warfare Essay

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Warfare, like everything else in the City of the Sun, is a communal event. There is the division of leaders, with Power as the head and similarly leaders of smaller factions, such as the infantry, artillery, cavalry, and engineers. Those 12 and older, both boys and girls, are taught to fight in a variety of ways, with many weapons. Here again, like in the beginning Campanella shows the importance of have a vast knowledge of almost everything from all of the animals on the outer walls, to the ability to use a wide selection of weapons. The city continually reviews their military progress every two months, and studies the lessons history has provided them, the likes of Caesar, Alexander, Scipio, and Hannibal. To have knowledge of arms and wars is one thing, but to continually practice allows the abilities to remain sharp, thus the city shuns indolence and must always be prepared for the unexpected. Before going to war they pray and hold a council discussing the next likely steps to take. The enemies are given the opportunity to forfeit, but if the offer isn't heeded then war is seemingly the only foregone conclusion. Following an official decree of battle, all those fighting in the battle, aged 20 and older, again both men and women, hear the justice of their cause proclaimed by the Orator, invoking an heir of heroism and sole duty to the city, the foremost important thing in their lives. When the battle is over, which they presumably won, the heralded warriors are comforted by women and children. Many prayers of thanks and banquets follow similar to a Roman style, although to a much greater extent. The conquered city then changes over to same structure of living that the Solarians use, communal ownership of all goods. The tear down all enemy fortifications, slay the leaders, or do other injury to the vanquished, all in one day, so that thereafter they are able to show the kindness and...

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