Justice For The Weak And The Poor St John Fisher Grade 8 History

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Dear Mrs. Marino,
My name is Christian Harold Concepcion, I was born on November 24 2002, in the Philippines. I've been in four schools over the years, one in the Philippines and three here in Canada. The schools I attended to were St. Angelican School, which is in the Philippines, St. John Fisher, St. Jean de Brebeuf, and St. Thomas Aquinas high school. In the household I live with my parents, Marcella and Lamberto Concepcion, my brother and sister, James and Bea, and lastly my dog Max.
My hobbies include playing basketball with friends or by myself, watching the NBA (the professional basketball league in America), working out, and playing video games. My likes are math, science, gym, music (mostly rap and pop music), pizza, burgers, pasta, and spending time with my family. There are couple things that I don’t like which are eggplants and people who talk the talk but does not walk the walk. I don’t work but I plan to work during the summer next year at a fast food restaurant or at a store like footlocker. I enjoy hanging out with friends that are competitive, funny, talks about sports and life, and energetic. My friend and I enjoy playing basketball, goofing around, and trash talking each other at sports and video games.
Last year at St. Thomas Aquinas was enjoyable and was a learning experience. I enjoyed goofing around with my friends, doing extracurricular activities, watching the games that were hold in Aquinas, and making new friends. I joined the...

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