Justice In The Eye Of The Beholder

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Gabriella Avivi "
Dr. Joseph Larkin "
October 14, 2014"
Justice in the eye of the Beholder"
Justice is a common word and a familiar concept. The Oxford English Dictionary"
defines the "just" as people who do "what is morally right" and tend to give "everyone his
or her due," and offers the word "fair" as a synonym. However, applying in practical
situations what the word justice means, or what the concept of justice encompasses is
not so simple and most individuals and institutions have different definitions of justice,
what it means, and how it applies to everyday life. The word also changes meaning with
the situational attitudes of those who are affected. Globally, it is an is an issue spoken
about, discussed and argued over without end and it still remains a very gray area,
especially when put into use and when dealing with the constant struggle of its concept.
After having experienced first hand what it means to be caught in the middle of a cause
that was ,and still is, considered just by some and unjust by others and having lived in a
country forced to regularly justify the defense of it's citizens, it's not so easy to give
justice an exact definition."
During the most recent conflict between Israel and Gaza, it is easy to see how
the concept of justice is clouded by perception and self-interest. Under the guise of
demanding justice for it's citizens,Hamas demanded an end to the Israeli and Egyptian
blockade, an end to the fishing right limitations that had been set, and a release of the
Palestinian prisoners who had been taken into custody after the abduction and murder
of three Israeli youths. Israel said the blockade was necessary to prevent arms being

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shipped to Gaza, or attacks being launched on Israel by sea, however, Palestinian
officials claimed that the blockade was illegal and a breach of the Palestinian peoples'
rights. To destroy the blockade, Hamas bombarded Israel with hundreds of missiles a
day. While suffering comparatively little damage, the citizens of Israel spent this past
summer living within seconds of bomb shelters as they watched their economy suffer.
Israel retaliated with massive airstrikes and eventually a ground invasion, justifying its
actions through its right and obligation to protect its citizens. Hundreds of innocent
Palestinians were killed. The question being addressed here is not political, it has to do
with whether or not justice is a term that can be applied in every situation and if there is
such a thing as true, universal justice. Where is the justice in a country forced to live in
fear, where towns are, out of necessity, built as bomb shelters, where children have to
play within a 10 second distance of a shelter, where hundreds of civilians die
unnecessarily, and where children and women are used as human shields. Defending
its citizens is a morally just response to being attacked by hundreds of missiles daily
that any country would...

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