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Justice Is In Our Starts Not Hands

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Justice is unattainable for men. It is simply not in our nature. We don’t even deserve pure justice. The funny thing is we think not only do we deserve justice but we own it. It is believed that it is okay to get your hands dirty when you are getting justice. It is not that way. Justice is beautiful and pure and basically anything, even the slightest but off is simply not justice. That right there is what I am trying to prove in this essay. Justice does not belong to us. We don’t deserve it. There is no way to provide justice without harming innocent people along the way. We get too caught up in our own heads and nothing else matters. We hurt so many people along the way. It’s almost like ...view middle of the document...

This is impossible for three main reasons. Innocent people get hurt, we get our hands dirty and we don’t know who is connected and who will go down. People are people. No one is perfect. Even with years of preparation, we over look things. The small details and these details could have a life altering impact. This impact could hurt those innocent people around us that haven’t done anything. After the death of Villefort’s daughter Valentine, who was completely innocent, Dantès best friend Maximillien who was betrothed to her falls into a deep depression upon seeing her body. “The grief was so overwhelming D’Avriny turned face away to hide his emotion.” (Dumas, page 360) We all know that sometimes emotional pain can hurt way more than any cut, bruise or broken bone. So in his attempt for justice he hurt his best friend and killed his friend’s fiancé temporarily. Thanks to Dantès, Villefort’s young son was killed. Upon being lead to his body by Villefort himself, the scene of the death was so terrible Dantès, “Paled at the horrible sight.” (Dumas page 403) Needless to say this little boy was innocent. In his elaborate scheme to get justice he broke his best friends heart, killed an innocent boy and hurt countless others in many different ways throughout the book. This is showing us that when people try to get justice they hurt others. Did Dantès mean for so many innocent people to get hurt? Probably not. Did it happen? Yes it did. Justice is pure and only strikes those who are worthy of it and the hurt innocent people are not worthy of justice. This is one way Aleixandre Dumas illustrates how true justice is not attainable for the human race. Another reason justice ends up being attainable is because you don’t know who is attached to who and how everyone is connected. When you try to take someone down you may indeed pull down countless others who don’t deserve it. For example, in Count of the Monte Cristo Dantès’ was challenged and old friend in a duel. Grief stricken, a woman comes over and tells him, “Don’t kill my son Edmond.” (Alexandre Dumas page 311) This woman is his...

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