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Justin Toney
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5 December 2017
Justice is served in Murder on the Orient Express
Murder on the Orient Express is a famous novel written by Agatha Christie. The Collins Crime Club published this book in the United Kingdom January of 1934. The main idea of this book is justice, how it is served, and the jury system. People often believe that they can get away with things without serving justice for a delinquency. Little do they know, in the long run, the consequences of such activity will play a large part of their identity. The book teaches us that you should never take life for granted or play things too safe. Eventually you will be committed for a crime you did do and justice is served one way or another. Life should be lived in an honest manner and respect those around you. There are certain things some people believe they can escape from and continue to live their life in a normal fashion. However, others will find out or already know and the price will be paid.
“Readers of Christie's fiction cannot passively read. They must think” (Hardesty, 39). Agatha Christie had many influential things throughout her lifetime that encouraged her to write mystery books. She grew up reading detective stories and soon realized that one-day she wanted to write them herself. She discussed these plans with her sister who doubted her due to how challenging this type of writing was and did not believe it would happen. Most of Christie’s books resembled the life she lived when growing up as a child and such society she lived in. However, if there were evident events occurring while she was writing her books, those would play a part as well. Her first detective H. Poirot who was a Belgian came about when some events were occurring where she currently resided in the district of Tor. Nearby was an invasion of displaced people from Belgium due to the Germans annexation.
The murder on the orient express takes place in the middle of the night while the train is traveling to Europe. The train gets stuck in a snowstorm and a Belgian detective known as Hercule Poirot investigates the passengers/suspects among the train. Poirot becomes suspicious when he spots two other passengers on the train named Mrs. Debenham and Mr. Arbuthnot that act as if they do not know each other, but their behavior says different. While waiting at the hotel Poirot sees Ratchett and Mr. McQueen eating together. As Poirot waits for the next train to arrive he runs into an old friend M. Bouc who is head of the train and finds a place for him to stay aboard the train. Poirot knows of Mr. Ratchett and then explains to Bouc he is an evil man and describes him as a “wild animal,” an “animal savage,” and an “evil” person who hides his true nature under a veneer of respectability (Christie 29).
While on the train Ratchett informs Poirot that he has been getting letters that someone is trying to kill him. On night one, Poirot detects some odd happenings and is awakened in the wee...

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