Justice Reject Ban On Violent Video Games

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Imagine, you have decided to frolic through the realm of video games when all of the sudden you are shooting up every living piece of matter you spot. Games like this recently caused California to try and warrant a law that would have made it contraband to sell violent video games to underage minors without the consent of their parents. When all of a sudden, the Supreme Court swooped from out of no where like fruit bat, after that, the court decided to attempt to reason and declare if it is okay for underage minors to obtain violent video games. After a long and rational debate the supreme by a 7-2 majority declared it unconstitutional to not permit the selling of video games to kids even without parent’s permission. Although the court said it is protected by the First Amendment. I am at odds with the court in my opinion on how just how far the Supreme Court can protect obscenity.
In my not so humble opinion, I feel that this Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association video games case is almost an exact replica of Ginsberg v New York pornographic magazines cases in times past, in the sense that both happen to be dealing with the idea of obscurity. I am not surprised that the court protected violent video games with the first amendment. According to Scalia violence in video games is a type of speech so it is not obscene just like how pornographic magazines were considered freedom of expression by Hugo Black. I am surprised to put Black and Scalia in the same realm to me their political dogmas on obscenity would have to be almost a paradox. I thought Scalia’s comparison of violence in video games to Grimm’s Fairy tale violence was very insipid, The reason being is the violence in Grimm’s is inanimate, On the other hand, Maybe slicing off demons head in Dante’s Inferno, as well as Cinderella’s stepsisters are both on the same level of obscurity.
Justice Stephen Breyer said banning minors from buying graphically violent titles would be consistent with rules which prohibit them from accessing pornography. I agree with this assumption because not only do we have magazine laws we also have laws that kids can’t go into rated-r movies without a parent or guardians. Furthermore I agree with Justice Thomas who said ‘The freedom of speech,’ as...

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