Justification Of A Plan To Assasinate John Howard.

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Justification Of A Plan To Assassinate John HowardFirst of all, I don't actually condone the killing of anyone, be it murderer, rapist, or terrorist. But for this English assignment I thought it would be interesting to try an justify the assassination of out Prime Minister, John Howard. I chose the PM as my target because of basically everything that he does, and partly because of his bushy eyebrows. I plain and simple just don't agree with the decisions that he has been making for Australia since his entry into office and the direction that we have been pointed towards with his guidance.My Mother is a Labor party member and a former political anyalyst, so it's a given that my upbringing has been largely influenced with political ideas and Labor party ideals. John Howard basically represents the exact opposite to these ideals. His recent exploits of sending us into Iraq with America and Great Britain to fight a war based on lies and deceit just reinforces my view that there is no way a man like him, with morals like him, should ever by allowed to rule a country, let alone mine. What I basically see happening is the Americanisation of Australia. The privatising of our telecommunications company along with many other former government institutions has become standard practice under John Howard. The newly proposed medicare programs and shocking tertiary education changes if successful will be a huge step further towards becoming more and more like the current corporate American empire. Having spent a full year in America myself, on exchange staying with everyday American families and...

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656 words - 3 pages renounced by the international community, whether during a time of war or not. If there were ever a chance, then, that this could be avoided by torturing the people who plan to carry out such an attack, then this chance should not be lost. For example, if a terrorist who plans to kill many, many civilians with a nuclear bomb is caught and refuses to divulge the details of the attack, torture must be used to extract this information. In such a scenario

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1197 words - 5 pages to meet flames. John Griffin finally decides to stop taking his skin pigmentation medication to return to a white man’s body. John Howard Griffin’s skillfully developed characters give this novel its name. “Suddenly I had had enough. Suddenly I could stomach no more of this degradation- not of myself but of all men who were black like me” (Griffin145). John constantly compares himself to all who surround him both white and black. Although only

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1500 words - 6 pages poor Americans against the British rapidly lead to a full scale war. The Revolutionary war began with the goal to free the colonist of America from the clutches of England, but in a more likely case it just got rid of oversea rulers with some much closer. The war was unpopular in America, “President John Adams estimated perhaps only a third of the Colonists were strongly for independence, with another third opposed and the last third indifferent

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720 words - 3 pages of socioeconomic factors that can alter a person’s life experience and decision making within a culture. In short, one does not need to adhere to cultural norms to be a member of a wider culture such as American culture. Works Cited Becker, Howard S. “Culture: A Sociological View” Course Reader for Sociology 210 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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1716 words - 7 pages the country’s commitment to democracy that led it to instruct its army to join the second Word War. The author therefore focuses on the positive and the negative aspect of American history in a captivating way through visual and dynamic production of historical records. Sex and gender inequality Sex and gender inequality is one of the many issues handled in this book. This has always been a social problem in America and other nations. Sex and

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1865 words - 7 pages expected to have the same scent. However, this is not the case. Not only do such molecules have disparate vibrational frequencies, but they also have different aromas as well (Luca Turin's Theory of the Nature of the Sense of Smell). Additionally, justification of this was established by chemists in Greece whose findings were included in PLoS ONE, a journal (Yirka). Similarly to as is discussed above, ...the researchers found that deuterating a

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834 words - 3 pages gaining the throne. He uses this desire as a way of justifying his actions, and removing himself from the horrors of what he is doing. I believe that Richard had justification for his actions, even if his justifications seem repulsive to those viewing the play.Richard's first display of the extent of his evil, was when he arranged to have his brother Clarence killed. He carefully plans the murder, and seems to find amusement in what is to happen

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1201 words - 5 pages of the soldiers on the front lines. He describes the Vietnam War from the point of view of the Vietnamese. You have to realize that these are his views of history as he sees them, and is only one side of the story.      There is no such thing as unbiased, balanced, truthful history. History is in the eye of the teller. In this case, Howard Zinn’s view of the history of this great country is extremely Marxist. He seems to

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