Justification Of Torture As A Means To Save Lives.

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At the onset of the debate we must specify that we do not under any circumstances support the use of torture as a force to quell resentment or derive sadistic pleasure. We also condemn the use of torture by terrorist organizations as a bargaining chip. When we say torture is justified we mean it as a tool used by responsible Governments to save lives and not take any. What we are interested in proving is that torture as a tool to save lives is brutal but necessary tool.The first thing that we must ask ourselves to specify is, What is Torture?According to, the International Statuette, Torture is any kind of use of force, mental or physical used on a human being to gain third party information or self-confession. No country prefers to use it but is forced to do in order to safeguard the lives of its citizens and smoothen justice. Most criminal suspects go through some level of torture.Torture may involve Physical methods like Food deprivation, verbal abuse, beatings, mutilation, rape, burning, sodomy, as well as Psychological methods sleep deprivation, isolation, sense blocking to, etc.It sounds terrible to hear and it is true. Why then do we say that it is necessary? Why is it carried out?Let's give a hypothetical example, Say we know that a Nuclear Bomb or even a big bomb has been placed somewhere in Geneva, or there is an imminent suicide attack due in a couple of hours. We have in our custody a person who knows where the attack is supposed to take place. What do we do in this ticking bomb scenario? Do we sit back and watch people die? No, we do everything possible to get the information. Including Torture.The world is fast becoming a battlezone where friends are few and enemies are numerous. Everyone has easy access to weapons and the smallest of grudges can result in catastrophes. From individual people who have a death wish to kill, small gangs with armed weapons and lost minds to worldwide terror ideologies propagating murders in the name of God, we are being attacked on all fronts. And how do we repulse these attacks?The only way possible is by getting the required information; Information on the targets, the motive and future targets.And how do we gain this information?Well, for one thing we don't ask him politely and friendly o reveal all that, do we? And even if we did would we get the information? No. Why would a person bent on destruction and death do a U turn and reveal information that will at best get him a jail term or a life imprisonment. No one would, especially not a brainwashed militant who thinks that he is being a martyr for his faith. Nor would the murderer next door who has just killed someone and disposed off the body.......... It becomes necessary that we use strict measures here. Justice already has very few eyes, if we are to deny it this potential tool then we might as well outlaw Law itself. Thus... torture is here to stay as long as cold-blooded murders and terrorism are here to stay.A lot of us mistake torture as a...

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