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Justifying Evil For Good Is Cruel

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There are many forms of cruelty. One form that many can relate to is bullying. Whether having been bullied or been the one bullying others, those cruel memories can forever be imprinted on one’s heart. In “White Lies,” Erin Murphy, expresses that although bullying is wrong, trying to justify bad deeds for good is equally cruel. Using rhetorical and tonal elements, Murphy stirs emotions with pathos, “perhapsing” with logos, and vivid images with diction.
Murphy expresses how justifying bad deeds for good is cruel by first stirring the reader’s emotions on the topic of bullying with pathos. In “White Lies,” Murphy shares a childhood memory that takes the readers into a pitiful classroom setting with Arpi, a Lebanese girl, and the arrival of Connie, the new girl. Murphy describes how Arpi was teased about how she spoke and her name “a Lebanese girl who pronounced ask as ax...had a name that sounded too close to Alpo, a brand of dog food...” (382). For Connie, being albino made her different and alone from everyone else around her “Connie was albino, exceptionally white even by the ultra-Caucasian standards... Connie by comparison, was alone in her difference” (382). Murphy tries to get the readers to relate and pity the girls, who were bullied for being different. The author also stirs the readers to dislike the bullies and their fifth grade teacher. Murphy shares a few of the hurtful comments Connie faced such as “Casper, chalk face, Q-Tip... What’d ya do take a bath in bleach? Who’s your boyfriend-Frosty the Snowman?” (382). Reading the cruel words can immediately help one to remember a personal memory of a hurtful comment said to them and conclude a negative opinion of the bullies. The same goes for the fifth grade teacher whom Murphy painted as uncaring. “The teacher... spent the bulk of each day perusing magazines... in the back of the room. As far as I know, she never intervened” (Murphy 382). A disheartening picture because kids may be kids, but a grown adult should be able to distinguish between right and wrong. Allowing the bullying to take place meant she condoned their behavior to be acceptable. Also, as a teacher, she had the power to influence the students and teach them that any form of cruelty is wrong.
Using “perhapsing” from a first person point of view, Murphy states that trying to justify bad deeds for good is cruel. Describing an image of Connie and her mother at the 7-Eleven, Murphy is showing that Connie told a white lie about her father’s job: “All this changed in mid-October when Connie’s father got a job at a candy factory, news Connie announced tentatively one rainy day...” this makes the reader consider if Connie was doing a bad deed by telling a lie for good (382). Also, Murphy makes one question Connie’s mother because even though she was trying to help Connie, condoning a lie teaches Connie that justifying a bad deed for one’s own good is acceptable “Her mother was filling a cardboard box (with candy)”...

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