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Money, Money, Money
When I was a young boy I attended a very prestigious school, the one aspect I could never grasp was why my best friend who was my neighbour couldn’t attend the same school. My parents told me he could not afford the school, that I should be grateful for getting a better education. This puzzled me for many years. Why should ones opportunities be controlled by their bank account? These days what you can do and where you can go is judged by how much money you have. This segregation created by economic status can lead to discrimination within society. Discrimination is rife within the communities of first world countries friends groups within schools are judged buy what you can buy with your money. The recent release of the US poverty rate chart.

Shows that 15% of Americans live in poverty. Many of these people experience discrimination due to their unfortunate disposition. Neighbour hoods are bounded by how much you earn, neighbourhoods are classed, upper class middle class and lower class. The naming of living standards and housing standards created by people’s economic situation creates discrimination within society. When people drive through poor neighbour hoods they lock their doors and they get sweaty palms this discrimination or the belief that when you drive through a poor neighbourhood that you are going get car jacked is created by the segregation that peoples economic status stops people from escaping from these neighbourhoods. Many of these problems are faced by illegal aliens they are easy prey to the discrimination that society dishes out. A recent homeland security report released shows the number of illegal aliens in America.
“In summary, the number of unauthorized immigrants living in the United States in January 2010 was 10.8 million—the same as in January 2009—but down from 11.8 million in January 2007. Between 2000 and 2010, the unauthorized population grew by 27 percent. Of all unauthorized immigrants living in the United States in 2010, 39 percent entered in 2000 or later, and 62 per-cent were from Mexico”
“Department of homeland security.”
This exert from the homeland security report shows that America’s the population of illegal migrant workers has expanded drastically these migrant workers face discrimination and segregation often living in poor dangerous neighbourhoods in their host countries. They leave their countries as economic refugees to seek a better life but they end up facing harsher lives the lack of protection for the migrant workers means that there is very little money for their families and this leads to a lack of education for the next generation, sadly most illegal aliens do not make it to their host countries, their lack of education hampers them in safely making it to the host country lack of education is not solely faced by migrant workers and their families this issue faces many American children.
“Total number of high school dropouts annually 3,030,000
Number of high school...

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