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Justin Bieber Argumentative Essay

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There are many celebrities who are famous on the outside. Their songs and their appearance are some of the things the audience is entranced by. However, some celebs have a “calculating coldness” on the inside. One such celebrity is famous Canadian pop singer, Justin Bieber. Since Justin Bieber has been disrespecting the U.S, there is a controversy over whether he should be deported or not. Justin Bieber should be deported because he violates the law, sets a bad example and is really “not-talented”.
For one thing, Bieber should be deported because he broke the law. If a resident of the U.S broke the law, they would face serious consequences, which may lead to deportation if the person wasn’t a citizen of the U.S. For example, the article “Should Justin Bieber be deported?” by Frances Hannan and Jane Bianchi states, “Police detained the same man for throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house”. Throwing eggs at someone’s house is an offense. According to the law, a person has ...view middle of the document...

In this case, Bieber shows the youth that it is okay to commit crimes and that going to jail is cool. This may explain the smirk on his face in his mug shot. On the whole, Bieber is sending the wrong message to his young fans which may even influence teens to commit crimes. He should be ashamed of what he is doing to his listeners. This endangerment has to vanish from Americans; this means deportation!
Most importantly, Bieber should be deported to Canada because he is “not talented” for putting peoples’ lives in danger. For example, the text states, “Destroying property and putting peoples’ lives in danger is not how a good guest behaves.” This shows that even though some people think Bieber is talented at singing, he’s not talented for adhering to the law. In other words, a more “deserving immigrant” would be superior over Bieber. Likewise, his visa could be given to another person who is less talented, but a better contributing member of society. Bieber’s destructive personality is a menace to society and it’s time to tell him that his “visit” is over. No one want a malevolent person in the United States. Deportation is the best strategy.
Some people would disagree with the method of deportation to deal with Bieber. These people actually want Bieber to stay in the United States. Furthermore, they say that Bieber helps boost the economy. When Bieber performs, businesses sell more of their goods, thus making more profit. This is a valid point, but Bieber is a dangerous person. Despite peoples’ financial gains as a result of Bieber’s success, people living with Bieber don’t feel safe. Safety is the number one priority of the U.S., so if Bieber is deported, then the U.S. will be safe. This would benefit everyone.
In the end, Justin Bieber should be deported because he violates the law, sets a bad example and is really “not talented”. Expelling Bieber form the U.S has many more benefits than letting him stay. People who are fans of Bieber will also understand that their lives are at stake from the violent actions of Bieber. Thus, in the future, people who break the laws will learn a lesson through Bieber’s experience. They will learn that a celebrity like Bieber is nt always good. They can influence you in bad ways.

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