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Justin G. Minor Ms. Gunnufsen English 3 15 April 2014 Women And Men Should Be Put In Traditional Marriage Roles

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Should all marriages be based off of traditional marriages? Many people say that in marriages, men are usually the head of the house which is true. But in some cases women have to overrule men because some men are not in their right mind to have authority. Three reasons on why couples should be in traditional marriages are: Men should have the authority, Women should have the authority in certain occasions, and Men and Women should have equal responsibilities and labor in a relationship.

To begin with, men should have authority over the household. Men should also be in charge over key decisions when it comes down to it.Traditional marriages start in the church. It starts when the woman ...view middle of the document...

(Rhoads) Since women are at home a majority of the time, they should have some type of authority around the house because they do just about everything around the house. They take care of the children just about all of the time.(Rhoads) Cooking and cleaning are also arguable to give them authority.Making things go their way isn’t actually a bad thing. Wives should also have say so over children. What men do not understand is that their wife have to nurture their children and that’s a tough process. That’s why children have a closer relationship with their mothers. This gives mothers and advantage because children abide by them more and listen to them more than they do their fathers. They have a closer bond which should automatically give them authority over their own child.(Rhoads) Women should focus more nurturing and men should focus more on providing for the family.(Rhoads) Another reason why women should have some headship over the relationship is because when men have too much authority marriages tend to fail.(Rhoads) Men get too caught up in having dominance over women that they tend to abuse it. But, if they share headship, that won’t be much as a problem as if her husband did have complete dominance. The husband will take their dominance to an extreme and push their wife away.

Men and women should have equal responsibilities and equal labor in a relationship. The way mothers and fathers spend their time has changed over the past decade. Dads are doing more housework and child care.(Parker) Their moms are paid more and work outside the home. The roles of husbands and wives are coming together. Even though fathers are always out working, they really wish that they could be home more spending more time with their children and doing work around the house too. But at the same...

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