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There are a lot of steps and a big process when you are training to become an optometrist. An optometrist has to go through schooling, training, and of course hands-on preparation. This seems like a lot for just one job, and it is, and there is definitely more to it than just these three things, but in the end it will all pay off. It’s a great career and a great way to make a living.
There are a lot of wants today, but there are also a lot needs. Face it, everybody is going to have to go the optometrist every once and a while. Over 70 percent of Americans wear glasses, therefore that 70 percent of people will go to an optometrist. Jobs in the optometry field are always needed.
Dr. Marissa Knutson said, “I wouldn't say that it is terribly difficult to find a job,” yet she also states, “The nicer the climate, the harder it is to find full time.” If you are willing to work a little more, you can get multiple jobs as an optometrist,” Dr. Knutson stated. “Having a couple jobs at different clinics is pretty fun because it’s a change of pace, atmosphere, and faces.” Not only does she work at Coastal Eye Care but she also works at Costco as their optometrist every other weekend. She said, “I thoroughly enjoy it because it is different and I can make a few extra dollars.”
There are a lot of optometry jobs that help pay off student loans in addition to your paycheck, such as in Alaska, on Indian reservations, and VA hospitals. This is a big help to those in need of financial support for their student loans.

Schooling and training is a key component in becoming an optometrist; there is a lot of it, and a lot of expenses when it comes to schooling. Schooling can be very expensive when becoming an optometrist. You may think that you can just walk into any college and start to learn the ins and outs of optometry, but it is more difficult than that. An optometrist needs a Doctor of Optometry Degree. In order to do this you have to attend an optometry school, which can be difficult to find. Luckily there is an optometry school near Portland: Pacific University. A Doctor of Optometry degree takes four years to successfully complete. After a optometrists have finished their schooling, it is required that they have one year of on the job training. Some schools, such as Pacific University, dedicate the 4th year to strictly hands on training. I asked Dr. Nina Nemetz, an optometrist working at Coastal Eye Care, if the schooling expenses are worth it. She said, “It’s a huge financial commitment, but you will be able to pay it over time. It’s doable for sure.”
Schooling is obviously key for an optometrist because there is a lot of knowledge needed in just knowing what the eye does. Medicine is one of the more important knowledge based skills for an optometrist, as an optometrist is going to need to diagnose and treat human conditions of the eye. He or she also needs to be able to tell when something is wrong, such as diseases and deformities. Mathematics and biology...

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